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Princess719 11-21-2009 01:25 PM

Just booked on Star in April/2010. Don't see any post for this ship that are not well over 2yrs old, My 1st cruise, would like any comments about this ship. Looks good in pictures i've seen. Booked in emerald mini suite E719 at back side of ship over lounge area. Is this a good area to be?
Any comments or things i should know about ship ? Comments ?

penny3333 11-23-2009 07:29 AM

Hi Princess 719, welcome to Cruise-Chat. Congratulations on your up-coming cruise! Be warned, cruising is addictive

Wish I could tell you from first hand experience on the Star, but we haven't had the pleasure of sailing on her----yet We've sailed on the Sun, Sea, Dawn, Caribbean, Emerald, and Royal Princess. We've not been disappointed with any of their ships. You've got a great cabin! We've only been able to get balcony cabins, but they have been wonderful. Good closet space and storage space. All of the Princess ships are immaculate, their service is impeccable, and the food is great. They have wonderful pastries, especially for breakfast. On the Royal they had a waffle station out by the pool. They were fantastic Belgian Waffles, with wonderful toppings. The Star is a relatively new ship, so she should be in excellent condition. They're always working on them, anyway. Not sure if f-mattox has sailed on her or not, I think he's done every ship in their fleet. Hopefully, someone on our board has sailed her and can answer your questions specifically.

Best wishes and have a wonderful time!

f-mattox 11-23-2009 10:47 AM

Hello Princess 719. I have not been on Star Princess but I have been on her sisters, Grand Princess and Golden Princess. One of the reasons I have stuck with Princess for over 30 years is the consistency over the entire fleet. As penny3333 says, the ships are always immaculate, in good repair, and the the food, service, accomodations and entertainment are always excellent.

As for your mini-suite, you happen to be in my favorite part of the ship. I love the minis on Emerald Deck because the balconies are covered; and I have never heard a sound from the Vista Lounge below. Yours, E719, is particularly attractive because it is the first mini in that row; you only have a neighboring balcony on one side, and it is downwind, so you will have no problem with neighbors who smoke on their balcony.

You've picked a wonderful ship for your first cruise.

Princess719 11-23-2009 04:56 PM

Thanks for your comments. I'm sure to enjoy the cruise . Looking forward to it as it is still 5 months away. I have read many other posts that have been helpful in telling us how we can bring certain drinks on board and what to expect.
One question i have not seen answered is about the pools. Is the water heated or is it changed with fresh water everyday from the ocean? I can imagine the ocean water is not very warm, but i guess there is always the hot tubs that are heated?

f-mattox 11-23-2009 05:40 PM

All the pools are fresh water, not sea water; but they are not heated. Neptune's Reef and Pool and the Terrace Pool are in the open and are usually on the cool side. Calypso Reef and pool is covered and the Lap Pool at Lotus Spa is well protected, so they are usually a little warmer than the others. But as you say, there is always a hot tub close by.

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