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HellsBells 12-31-2007 04:40 AM

Any remarks about the Crown Princess? We've been on Carnival and R.C., and heard it's a step up. Also I dont see much postings about kids programs- any input would be great.

MelD 01-03-2008 09:52 AM


We were just on the Crown in August without kids and are going again this February with kids. We've been on several Princess ships and this is by far the biggest. Our kids have always come with us with the exception of this past time. They have a great time. There's not as much "stuff" to do if you compare to Royal Caribbean, but they do have age appropriate clubs and our kids like doing the shows, trivia, kareoake etc. so they are constantly busy. When are you going? BTW, it's definitely a step up from Carnival, from what I've heard about on par or just below RC

kfreedman 01-05-2008 12:55 PM


I'm a teenager and i've been on numerous Royal Caribbean & Princess cruises. I can assure you that the Crown Princess has a alot to offer for kids and teenagers. Princess has 3 groups for kids: toddlers, kids, and teenagers. Everyday, Princess places a patter outside your room explaining the list of activites for that day. I found this very useful. SOme things that are offered are: movies under the stars, games, a live DJ, & anything that allow kids to meet others on board. Not only are the clubs decorated appropriately, the staff is very helpful and generous.

The reason I would choose Princess over Royal Caribbean is because although Royal offers amentities such as a ice skating rink, climbing wall, etc, the possibility of using these (without waiting in line) is very low. Royal Caribbean is a wonderful cruise line, although I found that I had more fun on Princess.

So if I had to choose, I would choose Princess without a doubt. Also, the Crown Princess is a beautiful ship, with 600+ kids (usually). They have alot to do at night as well, such as movies under the stars, dancing, and trivia. Overall its a kid friendly ship.

Im not sure how strict you are with your kids about curfew, but on the Royal Caribbean ship, kids (under 18) cannot be out passed 2 am. This is for safety issues, although I would much rather be able to do what I please throughout the night. Princess & Royal Caribbean both have outstanding security.

Hope this was helpful!
Good luck on choosing!

HellsBells 01-05-2008 02:15 PM

We will be on the Crown January 12th- which is also a concern because most schools are in session- I'm wondering how many kid/teens there will be on board. We will be in Antiqua,St. Lucia,barbados,tortola and st thomas- any recommendations for kids excursions?

Our last cruise on Carnival was with another family so they didnt require alot of entertainment. Before that we were on a Royal C cruise. the kids say that Royal kicked butt on Carnival except for the on board slide.

MelD 01-06-2008 09:47 AM

You would be surprised at how many kids are on board despite no school vacation. A lot of people take advantage of the lower prices during "off peak" times. St. Thomas is a beautiful island, we've done the St. John/Trunk bay snorkeling tour a couple of times through various cruise lines. Also its a great place to shop and get deals. This time around we are foregoing any excursion and just taking a taxi (right on the pier) to Maegan's Beach, which is supposed to be a beautiful beach to spend the day. Good luck and have fun.

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