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Melanie.marine 10-22-2006 01:23 PM

We are considering getting 2 rooms on the caribbean princess, one for us and one for our kids. On Holland Zuiderdam, Westerdam and Oosterdam, if you have adjoing balconies you can have the steward open them divider and enjoy one big balcony. This is not available on any RCCL ships we've been on. Does anyone know if the dividers open on the Caribbean Princess and if yes which categories is this available.

flatraffic 10-22-2006 03:31 PM

Yes, you can have the divider opened - it does not remove completely. We sailed the CB in 2005 with friends and had the divider unlocked and opened.

funship freddy 10-23-2006 08:23 AM


We cruised with several couples on CP and had adjoining suites. Used our own "key" to open the balconies for happy hour and then closed them after. Worked GREAT.

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