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sharon goodspeed 08-17-2003 06:33 PM

sharon goodspeed 08-17-2003 06:33 PM

Toto 08-19-2003 07:25 PM

One thing to keep in mind is that food and meals are very high priced in Alaska. One way you might be able to save just a bit is to NOT eat at any of the hotels that you are staying at. It is not as easy finding other places, but I think you will be amazed when you see the price in restaurants up there.
Best way is to make sure that there is a bit more in your budget then you originally were planning on. Just to be on the safe side.

Karen Knowlton 08-20-2003 09:59 AM

You may not have a choice where to eat some meals, if you are staying in backcountry lodges. You will need to find out just where the cruise company plans to accommodate people on the land portion.

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