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K Mitchell 06-16-2010 10:42 AM

Sadly my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer 8 weeks ago. Since then she has undergone an operation and will shortly commence chemotherapy and then radiotherapy. We were due to go on a cruise with Princess Cruises in Aug of this year but have been advised by medics to cancel. We asked Princess if they might consider (out of compassion and understanding) to refund our deposits but they have flatly refused. They have offered to transfer to a cruise next year but we'd have to pay a hefty admin cost and even then the treatment will take at least 12 months so it is something we cant do. We can't believe how unfair they are being and wondered if anyone had experienced the same sort of thing and what you did about it.

penny3333 06-16-2010 11:13 AM

Hi K Mitchell, welcome to Cruise-Chat. Sorry to hear of your wife's bad news. I went on my cruise during my chemo treatments. My oncologist worked around the time we were to be gone. Did you have cruise insurance? If so, your insurance should cover the problem. If not, then Princess did offer to reschedule your cruise. None of us plan to have cancer or anything else, but I always purchase insurance for the just in cases.

If you purchased insurance, check with your provider and see what they can do for you. We'll be praying for your wife's total recovery!

Sandy 06-16-2010 11:22 AM

K Mitchell, I'm also very sorry to hear of your wife's diagnosis and wish her a very speedy and complete recovery.

If your cruise is in August, I would imagine that 8 weeks ago, when your wife was diagnosed, you were not yet in the penalty period for the cruise deposit. Did you call Princess at that time and get information about what happens if you should need to cancel? Usually your deposit is refundable until the day before final payment date.

I also hope that you bought cancellation insurance, since this is exactly the circumstance for which it was created to protect you.

I'm impressed that Princess offered to switch your deposit to another sailing. That's the show of compassion you're looking for. Their rules state that you forfeit the deposit if you cancel after final payment date, and it's great that they're willing to bend the rules for you.

Good luck and please keep us posted on how you and your wife are doing.

Dave 06-16-2010 11:43 AM

I'm sorry to hear about your wife's condition. I have personally been affected by both my mother and a sister-in-law having breast cancer.

Please don't take this as being uncaring, but the nature of the medical problem doesn't matter. My wife fell and broke her leg 3 weeks ago and we are cruising in July. Should Carnival be compassionate for us if we had to cancel? If I canceled right now we'd lose 75% of the total cruise price.

When these things happen the tendency is for people to think they are the only one's with a problem which will cause them to miss a cruise. The fact is the cruise lines handle many cases per day where, for whatever reason, people have to cancel and lose some or all of their cruise fare. I know it sounds cold, but a cruise line can't get into the business of making compassion calls every time someone requests their money back.

I see you are in the UK, and I know you have different rules when it comes to cruise bookings - such as the loss of the deposit.

This is why it is vital to maintain travel insurance when you have booked a cruise or other vacation.

Bill S 06-17-2010 10:03 AM

If, as Dave says, you are in the UK, I'm really surprised that you don't have travel insurance which would cover this situation as UK travel agents and cruise lines insist upon it. We've had similar problems but have always been covered with the appropriate insurance.

Good luck to both you and your wife.


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