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Clsandi 04-11-2008 06:57 PM

I am a first time cruiser and will be cruising on the Diamond Princess next year for an Alaskan Cruisetour (Artic). We are doing the land portion first. I am curious to hear from anyone who has done this tour and whether or not meals are included in the tour cost at the different lodges that we will be staying at in the itinerary as well as the railcar/tourcoach trips? If they are not, are the meals they offer very expensive? Thanks in advance for any insight.

travelers2 04-12-2008 06:36 AM

We took this cruise-tour last July.
Nope, meals are not included at the lodges or on the train.
Yes, they are a bit pricy.
The trip was great. You will enjoy it.

RichC 04-12-2008 07:36 AM

We were there in 1997 & did the land tour also. None of the meals were included & I thought most were way over priced with the exception of the salmon bake Salmond Bake in Fairbanks which was about $19 per person back then. I'm sure the prices have changed considerable today. I can't remember the exact prices of the meals on the train but I do recall they were outrageous since they have a captive audience. They also wouldn't let you eat your own food on board (lots of people did including myself). The Alaskans have to make their years profit in a few months & it's evident in their prices. The meals at the Mt. McKinley lodge as I recall were also out of sight as there's NOWHERE else to eat. We did economize on some meals where we could buy breakfast locally in café's but in general be prepared to spend much more than you are used to at home.
We're going back to Alaska in late June but this time we're only sailing the inside passage so all our food will be on the ship.

Clsandi 04-13-2008 11:24 AM

Thanks for the info. Good to know. I really don't like surprises so I will be able to plan accordingly As far as the land tour portion goes, luggage transfer info or packing tips would be appreciated. Do all of your bags follow you during the land tour and are they accessible to you if in fact you need them?

Sandy 04-13-2008 01:20 PM

Hi Clsandi and welcome to Cruise Chat.

Usually, Princess asks that you pack a separate, smaller bag for you to use during the land portion of your trip. The coaches and trains don't usually have enough space to stow a big suitcase for everyone. You will get separate luggage tags, too, one to put on the small suitcase you plan to take on the land trip, and one to go on the luggage that will meet you at the cruise ship. That luggage will not be accessible to you while you're on the land trip.


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