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Mebs 10-06-2010 08:32 AM

Hello everyone.
We are going on the Grand for a 2 week cruise this december.
Now we have to print our own luggage tags and staple them.
We are thinking of just laminating the tags and attaching them with yarn.
Does anyone have any ideas that would work better? Or will laminating then give a problem?
Thanks again for all the help.

penny3333 10-06-2010 11:43 AM

Hi Mebs, I actually did not laminate mine, but it's a good idea. Also, they had luggage tags at the dock. I didn't cut mine out, just folded and taped. They really ended up being pretty strong. I do, however, miss the package in the mail.

peter l 10-06-2010 11:46 AM

Are you saying that Princess does not provide the ones that are color coded and peel and stick on the luggage?


f-mattox 10-06-2010 05:05 PM

Not any more, Peter. In some ways the new ones are better. You can print as many as you want, and all your information is printed right on the tag--no more filling them out or fighting with them to stick the ends together evenly.

Laminating is effective but not really necessary. After you fold the tags, cover them front and back with clear packing tape, trim the excess and staple the ends together around the luggage handle. They are practically indestructible.

HappyColor 10-06-2010 08:36 PM

So I need to bring packaging tape or stapler? I hope not. I'd prefer not have to pack any of those.


f-mattox 10-06-2010 09:45 PM

No, you put the tags on before you leave home.

penny3333 10-07-2010 06:41 AM

When you debark from the ship, they'll give you luggage tags on board. Before you board, you'll need to print your luggage tags at home. They will send them to you, if you do not have a computer/printer.

peter l 10-07-2010 11:10 AM

Thanks for the info and the idea of covering with packing tape and trimming...Great idea to print up several extra so that we can redo if we need when we get to our hotel the day prior to cruising.


pink845 11-02-2010 09:08 AM

Hey Mebs,

We were just at port in Rome and they had staplers at the aiport. We did not put our tags on the luggage until we arrived at the pier. We did not want to lose them during the transatlantic flight or have them on to let the thiefs out there know we were proceedinng to a cruise. When you print them out, use hardy paper and they are fine. I printed them off in color and I think that the FS (forward starboard??) came out in color and everthing else black and white) So why bother with color. On the return they provide luggage tags in your room color coded to your time of departure from ship. Bon Voyage.

Mebs 11-03-2010 07:56 AM

Thank you everyone for the great suggestions.

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