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wilson 04-03-2007 03:21 PM

We just returned from our second cruise on RCI. It was wonderful and we are looking for our next cruise. We have narrowed it down to Adventure of the Seas from San Juan or the Emerald Princess out of Fort Lauderdale. I have noticed on pics of Princess the lower balconies stick out quite a bit. Does it ruin the experience of a balcony when you can see the people below you instead of just water?

I am taking my 18,15,12 year old as well. Is there lots for them to do on Princess? We have only cruised with RCI so far and are very happy with it. We like the itinerary on this particular Princess cruise.

f-mattox 04-03-2007 03:48 PM

Hello wilson and welcome to cruise-chat;
the lowest balconies, the ones that stick out the most, are the mini-suites; when you look down from them, you see the tenders and life boats and it dosen't spoil the experience at all.
Neither does seeing the lower balconies from the higher ones; you really have to lean over the railing to see below, and given recent incidents, leaning over balconies is very much frowned upon.

The suites on the stern and the few mini-suites at the back of Emerald deck are the onely ones where you can look down and get an unobstrusted view of the water.

Hope this helps.

penny3333 04-04-2007 07:10 AM

Since the Emerald is a new ship and hasn't sailed, I can't give you specifics. However, as f-mattox states, she should look identical to the Crown. There are plenty of activities on board for the children (teens), even though she wont have the gadgets that RCI has. Princess is my favorite line, so far. We've been on HAL, RCCL, NCL, Costa, Carnival and Princess. To me, Princess is just a step above the rest. We're booked to sail on the Emerald in November and I'm sooooo excited. Even though we've been to all the ports in our itinerary, we'll be on a brand new ship. I look forward to finding my new favorite pre-dinner cocktail bar, my favorite afternoon resting place and my hubby is excited about the sushi-bar. I truly believe you wont be disappointed in Princess. Best wishes!

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