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Johhno 10-14-2008 05:35 AM

Hi All,
As first time cruisers Im looking for any info on the Sun Princess good or bad and interested to hear from any others on this cruise.
"Roll on Feb 09"
Regards Johhno

cruiseaddiction57 10-14-2008 03:28 PM

Hi Johnno, We have been on 5 cruises in the last 2 years, thus the name creuiseaddiction57, we have been on Pacific Sun 3 times, Sun Princess once (NYE 07/08) and Pride of Hawaii (now Norwiegen Jade), on that basis I make my comments based on these 3 ships. I enjoyed my time on Sun Princess and would sail on her again no problems. Had the best NYE, the crew are excellent, food is pleniful, if you want Pizza in the middle of the night, just phone room service, you are only charged the room service fee, the pizza is free, we had a double massage, my husbands first one, he was floating for hours after, of the 3 ships I have been on I found that Sun Princess I had the most fun on, we sailed out of Sydney, so we had the thrill of just making it under the harbour bridge and of course everyone was in party mode, met a great bunch of people and are still in contact now, we live in Surfers Paradise and have a view of the Indy Track, a few of the people we met on that cruise are comming to stay at our place for Indy so the friendships continue, they went on Pacific Sun recently and still say Sun Princess was the best to the degree they have cancelled the next cruise on Sun Princess and lost money to rebook on Sun Princess.
My personal advice is you can make or break your cruise, don't be frightened to start a conversation with anyone,go onboard with a positive attitude,just have fun...we ended up with a group of about 20 people that used to see us and sit with us from about the 2nd day of the cruise, we are still in touch with 1/2.
Have a great time.

Johhno 10-15-2008 05:48 AM

Thanks Cruiseaddiction57 for your reply.
Did you have a balcony cabin ? and if so did you think they were very small.
(looking forward to watching the Indy on TV in a couple of weeks/from here in Perth)
Regards Johhno.

penny3333 10-15-2008 09:24 AM

Hi Johno, welcome to Cruise-Chat. The Sun class ships of Princess are our favorite class ships. We've sailed the Sea, Sun and Dawn Princess, many times. The balcony cabins are great, we've been on the Caribe, Riviera and Aloha decks and they've all been great. The food is wonderful, the crews are fantastic, and the ships are immaculate. We really miss them, since they've moved them out of our area. You should go to the IRL race, they're a ball when you're there live. I'd love to do a F1 as well, in person. Hope you have a wonderful cruise, and once again, welcome aboard!

cruiseaddiction57 10-15-2008 02:28 PM

Hi Johnno,
We did'nt have a balcony, we used to always say we at least needed a window or a porthole, we used to sit in the window and watch the wake, we find it better on the lower decks for that, we were on 8 on Sun Princess and lower on the others. Now we don't even consider a window because the only time we are in our cabin is to shower, get dressed and sleep, so really we don't need the window or balcony unless we were doing a lenghthy cruise, cause you can only party sooooo much, by the way we are not spring chickens either, I am 51 and my husband is 40 so it's not like we are teenagers. Enjoy your cruise and make it what you want it to be. You either love them or not...we don't holiday international without a cruies included somewhere. By the way in my last post I meant that our friends cancelled their Pacific Sun cruise to go on Sun Princess, it was Sun Princess that we met them on NYE cruise.

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