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Nala 05-27-2006 08:22 AM

I have never cruised with princess but on celebrity we had autotipping, and at the end of the cruise we got a sort of the coupons in our stateroom in order to give them to the staff as gratuity. Does Princess have the same policy or we just stand up and leave the dining room the last evening? I would feel stupid in that case because the staff would not know if I had cancelled the autotipping or not and they might think I am not giving anything!?!


Last summer we were on the Grand Princess. They billed the tips to our room account. We didn't have to do anything at all. On our statement the last night, they listed each day we were on the ship and each tip, waiter, asst. waiter, room steward, and the amount. It was the $10 per person per day that they "suggest". That makes it easy!!

Sunprincess 05-27-2006 06:59 PM


Welcome to Cruise Reviews

Princess charges the tipping $10 per person per day to your shipboard account.
You can cancel this with a visit to the Purser.
Some do cancel the tipping & give their own OR give an additional amount for excellent service.

No need to feel stupid leaving the dining room.
If you had good service tell them so, give a good handshake or hug goodbye.

I was one who always went prepared with the base amounts for tipping all set aside.
I love the autotipping. Never had ANY reason to cancel it. And usually always give something extra.

Happy Cruising


Ladypalmtree 07-03-2006 07:24 AM

We always leave the autotip on and we usually give more to our steward and waiters. We also take along several ones and give them to the bar staff along the way..

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