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PA Steve Rocky Mount 02-08-2011 07:40 AM

First Time on Princess
Hi everyone!! Last cruise on Elation was sensational. Now trying Princess for the first time and can't wait. Cruising on Caribbean Princess out of San Juan. And excursion tips for Bonaire, Aruba, Dominica, or Granada?

Are the specialty restaurants worth it? I have read wonderful things about Sabatini's and the steak house.

After having spent alot of time on the popularly priced cruises, i am looking forward to stepping up.

All replies greatly appreciated.

Cruise Fanatic 02-08-2011 08:17 AM

You will notice a big difference between the Elation and the Caribbean Princess. Whether the pay restaurants are "worth it" is subjective. Personally, I don't care to pay extra when i find the food in the main restaurants to be just fine. You have to remember the main restaurant is preparing about 10,000 meals a day. Many of the pay restaurants have their own kitchen and the meals are cooked to order. Whether it's worth $25/$30 extra per person is subjective.

f-mattox 02-08-2011 10:13 AM

The Crown Grill was very good but I don't think I'd do it again--I agree with Cruise Fanatic: the main dining rooms are just fine.

Sabatini's, however, is a "must"; just for the sheer pagentry of the thing.

RichC 02-09-2011 11:40 AM

The Specialty restaurants are definitely a step up in quality but the only time we do splurge is when we have extra cabin credit to spend. It really isn't necessary to spend the extra money when the meals in the regular dining room are great. On our last cruise we had reservations for Sabatini's one particular evening and canceled out at the last minute when we found out they were serving lamb chops in the regular DR. Always check the days menu before hand.

peter l 02-09-2011 01:35 PM

Rich, I'm with you, I always ask our waiter if he knows what evening they may have lamb as I always look forward to it. Best lamb dish I ever had was on our last RCI cruise. I was a little dissapointed when I was told it was braised lamb shanks....I'd never had it, and oh boy, was it ever sooooo good...I would have it over rack of lamb anytime, at least the way it was prepared.


RichC 02-11-2011 04:53 AM

We really enjoy Italian food but on Princess we tend to shy away from the selections on Italian night & can never find anything interesting. What they consider Italian delicacies don't do much for us and the same for Caribbean night....another loser. Either being good nights to go to Sabatini's.

PA Steve Rocky Mount 02-11-2011 08:21 AM

I always take people's opinions on food and cruises with a grain of salt. I went on a cruise once and someone else on the same cruise wrote an awful review of EVERYTHING on board. I replied to the review with the simple question..."Were you on the same cruise was???" Opinions are just that.

Anyone else have ideas on the main differences they noticed from Princess to other lines like Carnival RCCL and NCL? Love to hear those thoughts as well.

Cruising March 27th...can't wait!!

peter l 02-12-2011 12:46 PM

Does the extra charge per person for the speciality restaurants include the tip or is that part of the daily charge Princess adds to our account for servers?


Cruise Fanatic 02-12-2011 12:48 PM

It is suppose to include the gratuity.

RichC 02-13-2011 04:28 AM

I heard people saying that the extra charge included the tip all the way up to some big spenders leaving $20. We sort of fall in the middle most times & only once at the Crown Grill when we got snubbed for a group at a large table did we hardly leave anything.

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