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Nat 03-10-2011 04:54 PM

Ruby Princess PH suites noisy or not?
Hi, Some of our group are booked in R417 - R410 and R412? Has anyone stayed in any of
these cabins? They are concerned about the noise level from the lido deck above.
They did change from R409 and R411 because of the cabins being more centrally located and there were complaints from R411 from noise. It will be in November so there will be
less children on board, I imput would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

penny3333 03-18-2011 06:34 AM

Hi Nat, sorry I can't help you, I've not had the pleasure of staying in any of those rooms. A balcony is all I can spring for:)

I hope someone can assist you, but I did want you to know that we weren't ignoring you:) As large as the Ruby is, I just can't imagine that the noise would be that bad. Maybe when the bands are playing during the day?

Princess usually doesn't have an abundance of children on board, although the demographics of the passengers has become much more varied. It seems like more families are sailing Princess, but it's never been loaded children when we've sailed, even at Christmas. However, we did a 14 day our last Christmas/New Years cruise, so that normally means less children.

I do hope you enjoy Princess as much as we do, they're our favorite line. Do try the International Cafe and the Sanctuary. The International Cafe is on the Plaza deck, they have some free and some extra charge items for breakfast/lunch. They also have wonderful gelato:) The Sanctuary is an adult only area, you can purchase half day passes. It's a wonderful spot for watching them pull into port, too.

Have a wonderful cruise!

RichC 03-21-2011 03:59 AM

I know of the major noise problems associated with cabin R411 on the Emerald and it has got to be the worst cabin on the ship. It starts in the morning with noise coming from some machines internally, chairs being moved around & people playing ping pong late into the night. I can only assume the cabins on the Rivera have somewhat similar problems early in the morning as they begin to line up the deck chairs so if you're a late sleeper I'd think twice about the Riviera deck.
All the charged in the International Cafe have been eliminated except for the gelato which is $1.50.

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