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Cruise Fanatic 06-15-2011 12:01 PM

Princess Changes Smoking Policy
Princess will be changing their smoking policy on cruises departing January 15, 2012 and after. News Article : Princess Cruises®

f-mattox 06-15-2011 12:18 PM

Well, as a former smoker I can appreciate the disappointment of those who will no longer be able to enjoy a cigarette on their balcony or in their cabin. But as one who quit smoking to protect my health, I applaud Princess for this bold move.

I will also sleep better onboard knowing that someone is not going to doze off while smoking and cause a repeat of the Star Princess incident.

RichC 06-15-2011 03:46 PM

I'm looking into cancelling our Nov cruise & re-booking after Jan 15 sometime to take advantage of the new policy. I imagine lots of smokers will be going between now & then to get in a last cruise before the new rules are in effect.

Dave 06-15-2011 04:00 PM

I'm also a former smoker and it never dawned on me how annoying it was to have smokers on an adjacent balcony until after I quit. Royal Caribbean still allows smoking on balconies but has banned it in cabins for a few years. Celebrity doesn't allow it in either place.

It seems Carnival Corporation is rolling out things more consistent among their brands, although I expect their European lines won't be doing this anytime soon.

penny3333 06-16-2011 06:09 AM

Wow, I'm glad I'm going before this takes effect. Looks like I won't have to book a balcony any longer. I'm sure all lines will eventually go to this.

RichC 06-18-2011 06:05 AM

We just re-read our contract with our TA & although Princess doesn't have any cancellations fees before the final payment out TA does. It looks like we have 2 more cruise to put up with the possibility of a smokey balcony before Jan & then we'll be in cruise heaven although we have been lucky on the last few.
Princess has become our favorite cruise line without a doubt and I'm glad that we've directed our business towards them in the past.

johnniekoda 06-24-2011 11:43 PM

I think people should not behave miserably on boards with their smoking habits this may irritate others and they may not able to enjoy this moments.

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