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moman65 06-24-2011 04:52 PM

Warning: Extremely Poor Customer Relations with Princess Cruises
Be careful if you have to work with Princess customer relations if you have any problems or complanints about your cruise. I recently cruised to Alaska on Princess this past June and had some pre-cruise issues regarding my stateroom assignment. What followed was not what I had expected as far as how their customer relations department handled my dissatisfaction/frustration for not getting the upgraded room I thought I was getting. They said I requested to cancel my upgrade when all I did was ask to see if the there were any other upgrade rooms available besides near the elevator. When I got on the ship, we were suprised to find out that we did not get the upgrade. Instead of trying to work with me and alleviate my dissatisfaction on the ship, they basically did nothing and said I cancelled the upgrade. It wasn't until over three weeks later after sending them an email from the deck of the cruise ship (I should be enjoying myself, not worrying about what to write in an email) did they get back to me. And this was after multiple telephone calls and messages in trying to get a hold of (name deleted) in the customer relations group. I even asked to talk to her manager and was denied. Even after reviewing my issue, they felt no wrong doing and it wasn't until I mentioned that I would have been satisfied with getting some shipboard credit as compensation during the cruise, did they even offer giving me a whopping $50 credit on my next cruise. Boy did it take some pulling of teeth to get to this point. Not what I expected from a large cruise ship company. Don't quite understand why compensation at such a very low cost to them is not worth customer satisfaction. Especially since it wasn't my fault for the goof-up. Princess Cruises, I am very disappointed with your response!

f-mattox 06-24-2011 09:48 PM

Usually you don't get a choice of upgrades. It sounds like they offered you an upgrade but you turned it down. They are not going to keep coming to you until you find one to your liking. Upgrades are usually to a similar cabin on a higher deck; but the location may actually be less desirable, like near an elevator or laundry room.

Once onboard there is not much chance of an upgrade as the ships usually sail full. I fail to see where turning down their offer entitles you to any compensation.

Sandy 06-24-2011 10:11 PM

moman65, so sorry to hear you were unhappy with Princess. However, I'm with f-mattox on this one. Princess offered you a "gift" of an upgrade, and you turned it down. Whether you purchased a "guarantee" rate with the possibility of an upgrade, or whether Princess was just nice enough to want to upgrade your room category for some other reason, you don't get to say, "I don't like the gift you gave me. Can you give me a different gift?" Princess offers you an upgraded room that you take or leave, and if you leave it, they offer it to someone else. This is how all cruise lines work, not just Princess. And then they give you a further gift of money off your next cruise, but you don't like that one, either. They were under no obligation to give you either gift.

It's too bad you let this nice gesture on Princess' part cause you to miss out on the wonderful time you should have been having, where you were trying to compose an email instead of enjoying the amazing scenery and onboard experience. At least you know for next time that you're better off paying for a specific cabin in a location of your choosing.

peter l 06-25-2011 07:06 AM

I also have to agree with whats being said about upgrades. However, when it comes to less desirable locations such as a laundry facility, I would have to disagree. On our last cruise, we had a balcony cabin and we were located almost directly across from a laundry room. The way the double doors are set up, we never once were disturbed at any time by cruisers using the facility or from equipment noise. It was our first experience with having one onboard and honestly, we took advantage of it on our next to last day to do two loads of laundry to ease our return from vacation without really interrupting our time.


f-mattox 06-25-2011 12:59 PM

Peter, I am glad your experience with a cabin near a laundry was not unpleasant. I've never actually had a cabin there, but the times I've used the laundry it was quite busy and also very warm and humid and I remember making a note to self to never book a cabin near there. I'm glad to know my perception was wrong :-)

RichC 06-28-2011 04:18 AM

We've gotten a few over the years but unless I'm getting one from an inside cabin to an OV or a regular balcony to a mini suite or full suite I feel that I'd rather keep the cabin I select at the time of booking. We received one on our last trip to a mini but lost out on the larger balcony of the Caribe deck. I took it but I wasn't really happy about the Mini since we wound up with a smaller balcony and the additional room plus 2 TV's in the mini weren't utilized. Sometimes their upgrades aren't as valuable as they might seem at first & can be cabins that others don't want.

penny3333 06-28-2011 08:21 AM

Hi moman65, sorry to hear that you were disappointed with Princess' customer service. Unfortunately, I have to agree with Sandy. You either accept or decline an upgrade (actually an updeck). Only once have I been upgraded to a different catagory cabin. I have been updecked, however. To me, as long as I'm on board, I'm a happy camper.

I do hope you enjoyed the ship, the ports of call, the food, and the rest of your vacation. Alaska is such an incredible itinerary.

jack2007 07-03-2011 12:53 PM

I have seen a more detailed response from the OP, and thought some of you might like to understand more why she was unhappy with Princess customer services.

She originally booked an inside cabin (deck5). Received an email one month before the cruise giving an upgrade to an outside obstructed cabin (deck8). Did notice it was near an elevator and was concerned about the noise since she has 2 young children that go to sleep fairly early. Not being familiar with the upgrade process and a baby at cruising (3rd trip), the OP called the Princess office at 6pm(unfortunately, during extended hours) to see if there was any other options.
The OP didn't tell the operator that she did not want the upgrade, only asked what were her options.
The OP says that the Princess operator said, " Why do ask for an upgrade if you don't want it?" She told her to call back during regular hours when they had access to the reservation system. And so the OP hung up. Little did the OP know that the Princess operator put in a request to get the OPs original room back without telling her she was doing this.
When the OP called back the next morning at around 11am, the different operator did not see this request had been put in the previous night and basically talked to the OP for about twenty minutes convincing her to keep the upgrade since it was a little bit bigger, the kids would like being able to see outside, it was higher up and the obstruction was most likely minimal inthis location. The OP hung up thinking she had kept the upgraded room. As stated earlier, that night the request went through without her knowing. The OP says she never even got an email stating that the request had gone through and she was reassigned back to her original room. Having had other emails for excursion changes, the OP thought that this big type of change would have also warranted an email

The OP admits she should have checked the room number when printing out the boarding passes, but she says she didn't think about it at the time. She says she had many other things to think about when preparing to leave for the trip.

I think that the Princess evening operator should have given a better response so the OP was clear that the upgrade was a once only offer and asked the OP if she wanted to accept yes or no instead of just deciding to cancel the upgrade on her own inititive.

I lost any sympathy I might have had with the OP when she admitted she didn't check the room numbers when printing the boarding passes. I always check my room information when I get it.

f-mattox 07-03-2011 02:13 PM

Thank you, jack2007, for shedding a little more light on the situration. I knew there was more to it than we were given by the OP. It seems to me there is enough blame for everybody in this comedy of errors--but nobody is laughing. Personally, I turn off the sympathy tap as soon as I see the word "compensation;" Granted, some things do deserve a level of compensation; and I've heard of many instances of Princess (and other lines too) giving compensation as a "good will" gesture. But this dosen't strike me as one of those instances.

penny3333 07-05-2011 10:34 AM

I do feel bad that she was not given correct information, however, not asking for a confirmation number and confirmation email, was her fault. Anytime I have been given an upgrade, from any line, I've received a new itinerary with my new cabin number via email. It also has stated, it is my confirmation.

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