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janfred 07-13-2011 03:32 PM

Island Princess Nor Virus
Has anyone heard any news on this. I got an e-mail from my friend this morning, saying she was delayed and scared because the ship has the virus. I can't get much information from Princess accept they do confirm it is true, and can't get intouch with my friend.

f-mattox 07-13-2011 05:09 PM

Sea Princess has been troubled by outbreaks lately; but nothing about Island Princess in the usual outlets.

susanmaz 07-14-2011 12:24 PM

I do hope you can contact your friend and reassure her that if she's smart, she'll be OK. The ship will get a super disinfecting to CDC standards. Remind her to wash her hands often, avoid putting her hands in/near her mouth, nose and/or eyes, use a tissue or paper towel to open all rest room doors and just relax. We went through this on the Noordam in 2009. We were delayed in embarking and the ship was covered in disinfectant for two days and passengers weren't allowed to touch ANYTHING in the Lido buffet for two days. We still had a marvelous cruise and no-one got sick.

janfred 07-15-2011 04:08 PM

F-Mattox and Susanmaz,
I did reply to her and told her not to worry that Princess would take excellent care of them both. I couldn't get much infomation from Princess but I watched the bridge cam and they pulled out on time YEAH ! Last I hear she was having a great time. Susanmaz, I too got caught up in the Nor virus last year on the Mercury, we missed a port, we both got it, and we still had a great time ! Crazy huh ???

penny3333 07-18-2011 06:57 AM

Janfred, I'm so glad they were able to leave on time. I know that's a big relief for you. I pray that your friend will be unharmed by the dang stuff. I remember one cruise the crew was cleaning non-stop. Even more than normal. And they were serving you in the buffet area. Not sure if the noro was on or not, but neither my hubby or I got ill, thankfully!

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