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J and S 10-17-2010 04:27 AM

Looking at Caribbean cruise on Emerald Princess around September/October 2011 but I can only seem to see a 10 day cruise on the 29th September 2011 and a 20 day cruise.

Why can I not see a 14 day cruise, is this not possible?

Cruise Fanatic 10-17-2010 08:47 AM

The ship simply is alternating 10 and 20 day itineraries. On the 14th day it would be in St Thomas.

J and S 10-18-2010 10:45 AM

I have spoken to Princess cruises who advised me that in 2011 there is the following;

Sept 2011
Emerald Princess 12 Nights

Oct 2011
Coral Princess 16 Nights
Island Princess 12 Nights
Emerald Princess 12 Nights

They have said these are all on the website but I cannot find them, am I being silly?

Surely there must be more cruises than this for Princess in Sept/Oct 2011.

Me and partner are looking for 14 nights Caribbean Cruise in Sept or Oct 2011 flying from Manchester Airport.

Can anyone assist with the above also any good website suggestions for sourcing cruises.

I always find RCI & Carnival very hard to source 14 days as they dont do them which ill never understand.

PrincessMargaret 10-20-2010 02:09 PM

It's the time of year. It is still hurricane season in September and October. For us in North America, school is back in session which cancels out families and those without school age children generally want to escape winter not our very pretty fall. There just isn't enough demand to justify more sailings.

How about a back to back on the Emerald? We are trying it in January 2011.

J and S 10-21-2010 03:03 AM

This cannot be true, We went in October 2009 on Sea Princess and it was sold out, weather was fantastic hot sun all 14 days.

Emerald Princess Sept this year sold out on Caribbean cruise.

The intenaries in 2010 were very very good and 2011 not.

Are there any figures to justify your comments of not enough demand and not popular as I see it as quite the opposite and nothing stated above backs up your theory of hurricane season and just no demand?

J and S 10-21-2010 03:18 AM

Regarding the Emerald, we would like to go on this but we cannot go till Sept/Oct 2011 and the Emerald is only doing 10 days (too short) and 20 days (too long), cannot do 14 days on Emerald so I am being forced to look at other cruise companies with better itenaries such as the following;

8th October - Norwegian Sun
16th October - Westerdam

We would prefer to stay with Princess but not looking good.

LisaP 10-21-2010 05:32 AM


Surely there must be more cruises than this for Princess in Sept/Oct 2011.
Sure, yet they are not all focused in the Caribbean. This is high season for Canada/New England; plus some ships are still in Europe or Alaska.

Cruise Fanatic 10-21-2010 05:45 AM

Hurricane season in the Caribbean is technically June 1 - November 30th. You can read about it here. A hurricane can happen anytime during that time frame. Typically they are worse in August and September and into October. They just had one last week.

Princess is going to send their ships where the demand is. For the past several years Europe has become more and more in demand. So much, that Costa is leaving ships there year round,and next year Royal Caribbean will send 11 of their ships over to Europe for the season. Three of Princess ships will be up in Alaska until the end of September. One ship, the Coral, will go to Asia after Alaska. The Dawn and Sea are going to Australia, The Caribbean Princess will be in New York doing New York/Canada. The Ruby and Star will still be in Europe in October. The Sapphire and Golden will be doing Hawaii. The Emerald will be doing the 10-night Caribbean. The Coral will be doing 14-night cruises Oct 11th from Ft Lauderdale to Los Angeles and 14nt-Oct 25 from Los Angeles back to Ft Lauderdale.

Princess hasn't been a big contender in the Caribbean for some time. They leave it to the big guys Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian. Princess goes after the bigger fish to fry (so to speak $$$$).

J and S 11-01-2010 02:59 AM

Me and my partner have only been on 1 cruise and we are looking to go on another next year but from my view Princess as far as itenaries go Princess are one of the best in the Caribbean.
This Sept they had fantastic itenaries and next year they do on Emerald only downside is 10 or 20 days. Looking at RCI Allure and Oasis out of a 2 week cruise there are 6 sea days. I know there is plenty more to do on the ships but would prefer less sea days and more islands. Our cruise last year only had 2 sea days out of 2 weeks. Thats a good cruise.

J and S 12-08-2010 09:43 AM


Please could Penny or Dave reply to my query. The only reason I ask is that I know Penny loves Princess and I have had replies from Dave who is very knowledgeable too;

Me and my partner sailed on Sea Princess in October 2009 around Caribbean for 14 days. It was our first cruise and loved it so much that we were looking to go this year and again found excellent itenaries on Oct on Emerald Princess for 14 days taking in alot of the islands we wanted to go see and some we have not seen.

Instead of doing it this year we ended up going to the Maldives for the first time and thought we would go back on a Caribbean cruise in September/October 2011.

Itenaries in 2010 for Sept/Oct were really good and had 14 day cruises.

I have started looking at Sept/Oct 2011 for Caribbean and I am shocked to say the least at the awful choice available.

I have tried to find out why and been told this is due to demand etc etc.

When we were on the Sea Princess in Oct 2009 there was nothing but demand for the Caribbean and cannot see why this would not be the case all the time. 2010 itenaries are very good this year too as I say we would have ended up on the Emarald Princess for 14 days sailing on 4/5th Sept. (Our ideal fantastic Itenary)

Looking to go Sept/Oct 2011 I can see Emerald Princess either does 10 days cruise or 20 days cruise. Why has this been changed and there is not a 14 days cruise.

Also there is a cruise on Caribbean Princess from New York for 10 days and I cannot find anything else on the Princess website.

We are totally shocked and disgraced. Is that it????

We want to go on 14 day cruise in Sept/Oct 2011 can you advise what is on offer with Princess and why the lack of itenaries and 14 days cruises.

This has made us look at going on Allure of the Seas on a 7 day back to back starting 1st October which we are sure will be good but we would like to stick with Princess.


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