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Brian 07-05-2002 09:16 PM

Do you think P&O Princess will go with Carnival Corp. or RCCL?? I personally hope that they go with Carnival Corp. because A.) they have a better reputation and B.) they run the lines separely...

Any thoughts?

Brian 07-05-2002 09:16 PM

Do you think P&O Princess will go with Carnival Corp. or RCCL?? I personally hope that they go with Carnival Corp. because A.) they have a better reputation and B.) they run the lines separely...

Any thoughts?

07-06-2002 10:12 PM

I disagree with you 1000%. Princess should go with RCCL. I've sailed Carnival and Princess 3 times each. Carnival has many problems in every respect. You might pay a little extra for Princess, but quality and service speak for themselves. If I'm paying for a cruise, I want service, and not keep calling with complaints. Have you sailed Princess? When was the last time you sailed Carnival?

PEB 07-07-2002 01:58 PM

I personally hope if any merger happens it will be with RCCL and not with Carnival. I feel this would be best in the long term. Carnival would be to large a company and have to much control over the cruise industry IMHO. For me we need more competition not less.

07-08-2002 02:18 PM

If P&O cannot remain independant, then I would prefer to see them go with RCCL.

Craig 07-11-2002 12:37 PM

If the merger goes thru I hope that RCI will learn a lesson from the great Princess group dept and not the other way around otherwise we are doomed as doomed can be.

Blackrobe 07-15-2002 02:05 PM

I question how truly independent the individual companies are from the corporate umbrella of Carnival. After reading all kinds of wonderful things about Holland America, we sailed the Statendam in January and it was the worst cruise of six we have been on. The dining room staff had been cut by 30% so service was virtually non-existent. The ship was really showing its wear. A couple we met on the cruise had black, oily liquid dumped on their heads while on the promenade deck from one of the lifeboats. The staff acted like - what, you expect us to do something about this!

I personally think the corporate philosophy ultimately flows down into the individual companies. Bring on RCL.

jeff b 08-13-2002 02:04 PM

this would be a disasterous merger for Princess. Princess is a very high class cruise line with a much higher class of passengers. The "get drunk"/party atmosphere of Carnival would destroy the high reputation of Princess. Carnival has a low quality of onboard service compared to Princess which also would be destructive. A merger of carnival and Princess could only have a terrible effect on Princess Cruises.
Also, remember, this is a hostile take over bid by carnival which the majority of people at Princess dont want to be a part of.
The merger between Princess and Royal Caribbean would be much better as RCCL is of much higher standards than carnival.
Also, the merger between Princess and RCCL is something both sides want, it would definatly be much better for Princess and RCCL to merge than carnival and Princess

Kenneth Eden 08-15-2002 07:00 AM

After taking 7 wonderful, splendid cruises on the Princess product, and one P&O cruise, logging almost 80 days total for P&O-Princess, I submit this missive in total disgust of the P&O-Princess rules for taking care of the repeat passenger, regarding mailings, and discount perks.

We booked an April 2003 10 day cruise while we were on our last Aprils Grand Princess cruise. Our travel agent took over the booking. We were to have been 30+ passengers in that booking. As of yesterday, 8 cabins had been booked. Not any longer.

My son, a teenager, received a past passenger discount via mail, in July, for outstanding discounts for Oct, Nov, Dec 2002 cruises. Well, we thought, for $1099 we would take a pre-xmas cruise on the Golden Princess! (a balcony stateroom). When I called Princess yesterday to inquire about the discount, I was very rudely and abruptly told that the discount was for the person to which it was mailed, and they would only honor the discount IF my son was in our cabin!!!

Well, the entire cruise, all 8 cabins, have been canceled, as of today, and we will NEVER-EVER sail Princess again. I made several calls to see what Princess would do to honor the discount, and asked for return calls, non of which were returned, and my travel agent also got the same old story as I did, seemingly, get your son, and take group space and get the repeaters rate as shown on the mailer!!!! Mark, our trusted agent, said something is wrong at Princess - in fact, he said they have been hostile and arrogant to work with.

WHO CARES????? I care, and if they want to be so-so cavalier in their policies, and uncaring, well, maybe someone should take them over - let me say that, in April 2003 our 30+ people will be sailing on the NORWEGIAN SUN, and we will be sailing in January on the brand new NORWEGIAN DAWN, and in June on the NORWEGIAN STAR!!!!!!!!

You will find a great review that I submitted on the Grand P last April.

I love this entire sight. Anyone that loves cruises as much as I do can't be land locked!!! Hoping to hear from you .....Ken [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_mad.gif[/img]

Sue 08-15-2002 09:45 PM

Gee Ken, you really sound hostile. I find it hard to believe that someone sailing on Princess could turn so much against them. I also received the mailing, and it very clearly states offer only for those who it was addressed to. There have to be some perks for past customers. My main question is, why did you transfer from Princess to a travel agent? I have personally gotten in on some tremendous Princess offers, while I've lost out on others. When checking this out, I found out that if you're last payment was made, and then the offer came in, more likely than not, you wouldn't be able to get it. I think it extremely unfair to categorize past Princess customers in your category, as the vast majority that have sailed it, find it very difficult to sail anything else. We sailed the Sun Princess in Alaska last year, and I had to call up 3 weeks before, and had a marvelous gentleman asking me to hold while he checked something. That was the best 5 minutes on hold ever. He came back to say that there was a special offer for the particular area where we lived, and would be rebating $950 of our cruise fare. A check was waiting at the travel agent when we got home. We're contemplating an Orient cruise on Star Princess next year, and weighing group rates vs. past customer rates. Group rates rae available now, and depending on how the cruise fills, past customer generally are shorter term discounts. Who cares about a merger? WE DO!!! Princess is tops in our book, can't say the same about Carnival, where we've had numerous problems on.
Good luck with Norwegian, as they have problems also. Go in and read some of the reviews on their cruises.

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