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moonbliss7 03-16-2009 07:07 AM

I've been on Princess a couple times and loved it. Im deciding between a cruise on Princess or Celebrity that have similiar schedules. How does Celebrity rate against Princess with pool games and fun daytime activities? I like the liveliness of Princess and don't really want a ship thats more settled or upper scale than that. Does Celebrity have laundromats for us to do our own laundry?

penny3333 03-16-2009 07:26 AM

Wish I could answer your questions, but I won't be on Celebrity until December. Janfred just returned from the Solstice, maybe you could PM her. From her review, I'd say the Solstice was a great ship. I am very interested in comparing the two. I see you're going on the Emerald, she's a beauty! Did you see my pictures? She's just fabulous.

moonie 03-17-2009 03:05 AM

Sounds like you should stick with Princess. No laundromat on Celebrity.

LisaP 03-17-2009 04:40 AM

Hi moonbliss. Celebrity isn't as lively with the pool games, but it's not necessarily sedate, either. I just pulled out my collection of "Celebrity Today" daily programs from Infinity (2006, E. Caribbean), and among the activities were the following: pillow pole pool party, pool basketball, basketball free throw competition, golf putting contest. These were not every day--mainly on sea days. There were also a couple of late night parties up on deck.

To round things out, there were also cognac tastings, port wine tastings, art tours, trivia, name that tune, etc.

And moonie's right--no self-service laundromats.

Let us know what you decide.

moonbliss7 03-17-2009 09:31 AM

Thanks for the information. I will pass it on to the otheres in our group.

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