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MiamiSpartan 01-16-2010 04:47 AM of the great things about living in Miami....
My partner calls me at work yesterday and tells me he got us on the short 2 night Nassau cruise for today..!
It's going to be 48 hours of spa and relaxation.....and eating...!

queenofcruzin 01-18-2010 12:43 PM

Congratulations, check in with us when you get back ! I am waiting to get on the Century on 2/15....

MiamiSpartan 01-18-2010 01:55 PM

Had a great time even though it was such a short trip...(fortunately, we leave on 2/14 on the Independence!)
Frankly, it was just what we needed: Two great dinners, sandwiched around a relaxing day by the pool, and spa treatments!
We really liked the ship. The interiors looked very fresh, with the minor exception of our shower, which looked as tho it could have used some maintainance....Also, the teak on the decks could use some sprucing, but those are MINOR comments only...
Service was what you would expect from Celebrity...very attentive....
Loved the Martini bar with the frozen bar to keep your drinks cold!
The rooms are surprisingly spacious, and we probably had the most closet space of any ship we've been on, not that we needed much for a 2 night trip...
Met a lot of nice people including someone who had seen my post here....
I'll be interested to hear what you think of the ship....

queenofcruzin 01-18-2010 02:05 PM

Thanks for the update !

Oooooh I am looking forward to that Martini bar

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