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Downundercruisers 02-20-2008 09:34 AM

We're doing the long haul from Australia to pick up the cruise in Florida as part of an around the world trip. But going around the world to pick up any tour/cruise is all part of the deal when you live down here. Would love to hear from anyone doing the same cruise. Only trouble is when most of you are on-line, we're in bed or at work in the land of Oz. Von

Mrs007 02-26-2008 12:40 PM

Hi Downundercruisers. I just noticed this in the rollcalls. Are you sure it is 28th of MAY, and not 28th of APRIL??? We are doing the transatlantic on the Royal Princess leaving Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on APRIL 28TH.

I have resonded to 2 of your posts regarding St. Petersburg. So, if you are on our sailing out of Ft. Lauderdale on April 28, 2008, I would love to chat with you.


Downundercruisers 03-07-2008 02:41 AM

Hello Mrs007, yes indeed I got the date wrong, I meant of course the 28th April but do not fear, it was only a typo, we wouldn't have missed our flights out of Syndey Is your cruise part of a bigger trip like ours?

Would love to chat about our much anticipated cruise but I seem to miss the boat (no joke intended) down here in Oz. Because when I'm on-line you lot in the US have all nodded off for the night.

So give me a time and the country your from (assume it's the US), and I'll see if I can stay awake and on-line. Von

Mrs007 03-07-2008 02:53 PM

Hi Von. So glad to hear from you. That is great that we are sailing together!! Have you cruised to Europe before? This is my first transatlantic and I am so excited. Been doing a lot of research and finding ways to minimize costs. Our 2 big excursions will be France and Russia. We have room on both of those independent tours if you and your hubby are interested.

In Russia, I have an independent tour lined up with Alla Tours. 11 - 12 hours, with 4 people it would cost $210 per person (US dollars) - extra for lunch, but if you are interested, I'll give you the details - lunch will be very reasonable.

In France I have lined up an independent tour with a lovely couple that runs a B&B. He is taking us to Etretat and Fecamp and Montivilliers. We already have 1 couple joining us, but have room for another couple (6 people is the maximum). This is another 10 hour tour and cost is 375 Euros divided by 6 people, plus extra for lunch and a couple of Abbey admission fees (minimal).

For Helsinki, Cork, Amsterdam, Tallin, Harwich, we are doing our own walking tours and using local Hop On/Hop Off buses and canal boats. Kiel Canal, we are just staying on the ship and not going to Hamburg. Plus, I am putting my hubby on a strict budget for the casino - all those days at sea!! He could get into trouble!!

Oh yes, you are right, we do live in the States. In Florida actually, so we only have to fly home. I don't envy you with the flights you have - hope you have some great books to read!

Gosh, would love to chat with you more. If you are interested, there are a few of us on the Royal Princess chatting already. If you want to check out cruise critic dot com, (no spaces if you catch my drift), otherwise I will check again over the weekend and catch up with you here.

By the way, I am Linda, hubby is Phil. We are both retired (phil much longer than me - he is a craddle robber )

Downundercruisers 03-07-2008 07:09 PM

Hello Linda and fellow cradle robber Phil (yes indeed my Neil is one too). I am merely a babe in arms (in a grandmotherly sort of way).

Enough of this fivolity: we are Aussies and Aussies travel - everywhere. So no we have been to England 5 times, France 3 etc etc. .. .
But we've never done a trans-Atlantic. Last trip was in 08 on Hal's Rotterdam from Greece to London. Super stuff!

Am thrilled that you'll allow me to join your Royal Princess chat. Will see you there, or talk to myself while you are all in bed for the night I think we're 17hrs ahead over here. Will check.

Must tell Neil, you and Phil come from Florida, it will spark yet another torrent of complaints about living in the most isolated country in the world, and how much it's costing him to get to YOUR starting point of FL. And I will sit down and do the math on these excursions too. Many thanks, Von

PS. Neil and I are both retired, adore travelling and the grandchildren in Sydney 2hrs south

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