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comet cruiser 06-16-2006 10:16 PM

Hi everyone,
Just wondering if anyone is joining us on the Explorer on Sept. 22nd or if we are going to have the ship to ourselves? We are driving down from Ontario the day before and leaving from New Jersey.
Take care all and happy cruising
Comet Cruiser

suitecruiser 06-19-2006 12:27 PM

We just got off of the Explorer last week. Went on a 9 day cruise. It was great. Only thing that I did not like about it was coming back, the seas were very rocky the last day. The ship is very nice. I've been on the Mariner AND the Navigator . So far, the Mariner is the nicest (although also the newest!). If you have a suite, make sure you meet the Concierge, Ricky, he's so nice and helpful too! If you have any questions about the Explorer or the Port of Bayonne, feel free to ask. We knew no one that ever went out of Bayonne, so we went in not knowing what to expect. QUICK NOTE: MAKE sure that you drop off the luggage before you park the car (parking was like $135 for the week we went). They don't really tell you to drop off the luggage first and if you don't , it's quite a hike to the ship and your luggage will not fit well on the tram (although they did accomodate us when we made the mistake)!

Mat_from_hudds 07-10-2006 11:16 AM

You are not alone friend, we are on the same cruise as you from New Jersey port, so at least we can share it bewteen us 2. lol. maybe we will bump into each other...hopefully we really wont be the only people on the ship. lol


mach 07-15-2006 02:02 PM also on that sailing, been out of Bayone several times very nice, sea's a bit rough the first day but after that pleasant sailing, it's gona be great.

comet cruiser 07-15-2006 08:30 PM

Hi Matthew and Mach,
We are 2 couples going on this cruise from Ontario, Canada, where are you from? So I guess by the count now, there will be at least 8 of us on the ship. Sounds like it will be a great time. We were on Explorer's sister ship last year from Bayonne, the Voyager, she was a beautiful and huge ship. The hubbies loved the basketball, rollerblading, and my sister and her husband loved the ice skating in the middle of the ocean.
Now we just have to wait a bit less than 10 weeks to go on our cruise!
Take care
Comet Cruiser

mach 07-16-2006 04:27 AM

Hi Gail
Were from up-state N.Y. My husband, (our friends are supose to book), my daughter and her friend will be sailing also. We to were on the Voyager twice last year, we went to Burmuda 5 day in May out of Bayone then again to the Carribean First week in October 9 day. When were you on? I have been on other sister ships I have such good luck with Royal Carribean that I won't do any other cruise line.

comet cruiser 07-16-2006 07:23 PM

HI Mach,

This coming cruise will be our 3rd with RCL.Our first cruise was on Grandeur of the Seas, then last year the Voyager and this year Explorer. We would NEVER cruise any other line, we love RCL! We were on the Voyager last September, we seem to always pick hurricane season,but as long as we don't have to cook and clean for 9 days my sister and I don't care where or when we go! The hubby's don't much care where we go either.
We can't wait to go!! Hurry up September.

Comet Cruiser

mach 07-17-2006 04:57 AM Gail
It is so nice and sunny hear hate going to work, Vacation in 2 more day's. The one place I love going to is Labadee there own Island, I just love to relax and enjoy the nice warm waters. I realy don't want to rush the summer away but before you know it will be sailing. Have a wonderful day.

comet cruiser 07-17-2006 04:35 PM

Hi again Mach,
Yes we love going to Labadee as well, it's such a gorgeous place! I love listening to the Dragon breathe, it's a long walk up there but well worth it. Have you ever been to St.Thomas or St.Maarten? My sister and I were wondering how the shopping is in those places.
It's VERY hot here today, it almost feels like we are in the Caribbean,today at 5:00 it felt like 110 degrees with the humidity! VERY HOT and humid.
Talk to you again soon

mach 07-17-2006 07:46 PM

Hello Gail
It's also very hot and humid here to, right now I'm dying of the humidity. Yes I've been to both places love them both and shopping is good. St.Thomas has a flea market area just before you hit the town shop's can get pritty good buy's depending on what your looking for. If you like to by jewlery I go to the same place in St.Thomas called Ballarina jewlers he gives you good deals. I have always been there early hrs to evening never the times were going should be interesting being there so late. Stay cool and have a great evening.

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