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corkgirl 09-21-2008 05:39 AM

Hi there,

Im heading off on Liberty of the Seas in two weeks time and have booked an inside cabin, Im now thinking that we probably wont get to go on a cruise for a long time again and would consider upgrading to a balcony room, would there be much difference in price? And should I go through my travel agent or go direct to Royal Caribbean?

thank you

Sonny V 09-21-2008 06:19 AM

Hello Corkgirl, If you upgrade you'll have to pay the difference from what you paid when you booked your inside cabin to what the current price of a balcony cabin is. Here are the current prices for the Oct 4th sailing on the Liberty:

Interior—$699 Outside—$1,049 Balcony—$1,580

You'll have to contact your travel agent to make any changes. If it were me, I'd put that money away for the next cruise. The price difference I see would almost pay for another cruise.


corkgirl 09-21-2008 06:34 AM

thats a huge difference, I wish I lived in Miami imagine getting the cruise for 699 dollars! Id be on a cruise two or three times a year! we have to pay the air fair which makes it super expensive but hopefully worth it all! thanks sonny

wesnlin 09-21-2008 06:16 PM


I know what you mean, the airfare is the worst part of the whole cruise experience. We live close enough where we could drive to Miami, but then after 8-10 hours in a car we would be wiped out by the time we got there. So we end up flying each time. We will be on the same cruise as you on Liberty! We are so excited we can't hardly wait, cause this will only be our second cruise ever. Have a great time!

wesnlin 09-21-2008 06:19 PM


btw did you ever get your cruise docs yet?

Sonny V 09-21-2008 06:58 PM

The airfare is the reason I do back to backs. Fly once—cruise twice.


corkgirl 09-22-2008 04:35 AM

Hi Weslin,

No unfortunately no documents, but the guys here have informed me that if I fill out the forms online and the set sail pass thats enough, what documents did you actually get?


Spiritfilled 09-22-2008 07:21 AM


Originally posted by Sonny V:
The airfare is the reason I do back to backs. Fly once—cruise twice.

That is a very smart way of thinking Sonny.

chris 2486 09-22-2008 04:13 PM

hi corkgirl next time you cruise book a back to back it makes sence. We pay a fortune for the flights.

corkgirl 09-22-2008 04:28 PM

call me stupid but whats a back to back cruise, presumably two cruises together?

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