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tripletvan 12-03-2007 08:44 AM

Just wondering if there are any options to parking directly at cape liberty? Never gone out of here before and $150 seems a little high. Am I just being cheap?

TrvlPro 12-03-2007 10:06 AM

If you look hard at most piers you'll find some enterprising person with a sign trying to lure you to their lot for lower per day rates. They may even offer to shuttle you back with their private car. If the savings is worth having your car in an unsecured (possibly not even lighted) lot for a long stretch of time with people who know you won't be back for quite some time, go for it. I'd spend the going Port Authority rates, something could still happen but it's less likely in a secured facility.

Cheers, Neil

TrvlPro 12-03-2007 10:07 AM

Oh yeah, welcome to Cruise-Chat!

tripletvan 12-03-2007 11:14 AM

Think we will pay the $150 and chalk it up to peace of mind

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