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Old 09-07-2007, 12:36 PM
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2007
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Our cabin’s outside veranda, where the bullhead and the deck meet, had 10’ rust scar. Why should I notify maintenance, the cabin attendant is in my room at least twice a day, once to make funny towel marionettes; whoopee! Never scrapped and painted.

Outside veranda had chipped deck furniture, e.g. paint removed to bare metal. Why should I notify maintenance, the cabin attendant is in my room at least twice a day, once to make funny towel marionettes; whoopee!

The glass sliding door to the outside veranda had a damaged or failed rubber gasket (maybe a design defect). Why should I notify maintenance, the cabin attendant is in my room at least twice a day, once to make funny towel marionettes; whoopee!

A light bulb in the room was inoperative upon first arrival. Why should I notify maintenance, as the cabin attendant just cleaned the room after the previous occupants departed?

Paste on plastic “wall” hooks affixed to the ceiling in various locations; for what reason.

Upon arrival, the bathroom floor was filthy with spots on edge molding. We notified cabin attendant who returned and then properly cleaned the room. But, why must I notify the cabin attendant, as the cabin attendant just cleaned the room after the previous occupants departed?

Bathroom door hinges creaked. Why should I notify maintenance, the cabin attendant is in my room at least twice a day, once to make funny towel marionettes; whoopee!

Closet door hinges creaked. Why should I notify maintenance, the cabin attendant is in my room at least twice a day, once to make funny towel marionettes; whoopee!

We went to the Crown and Anchor party. The musical combo played so loud that I could not have a conversation with anyone. Why do bands think it is important to blast their music?

We went to the 12th deck bar one evening before evening. The guitar player was superb. But, when he finished his stint the “canned” music was activated. It was too loud. The waitress responded to my request to lower the volume (as no one could carry a normal level conversation) with its controlled by the bridge. This is patently a lie. When I asked that the bridge be contacted to lower the volume, she said she did couldn’t.

So they scrub the pools. Nice, but they never clean the accumulation of slimy sea algae beneath the wooden treads. This is just another sign as to the lack of quality in most facets of the ship’s operation.

No more sit-down “served” lunch as it is an all you can eat self-service buffet in the Windjammer. So for thousands of dollars, I must serve myself.
Some lunch time delicacies:
• Franks – no comment
• Hamburgers – NHL hockey pucks
• Quiche – dried tasteless cardboard
• Roast beef from the slicing station – tough and try
• Smoked loin of pork – tasty, but dry slabs
• Eggplant parmesan – limp and squishy
• Beef stew – tangy and OK
• Pork medallions – tough and chewy to strengthen one’s jaw muscles
• Salads – ok, can’t really kill lettuce

Breakfast is either sit-down in dining room or Windjammer
My choice was sit-down.
• Breakfast pastries – ok
• Bacon undercooked and greasy
• Egg omelet – overcooked and dry
• Juices – no grapefruit or mango juoice
• Coffee – winy

• Steak tough and chewy
• Group salads (served in a big bowl atop a stand in the middle of the table) awash in salad dressing
• Incorrect items (e.g.: not ordered) substituted for ordered items at least twice per dinner.

Overall food is more show than substance.

Passageways within the cabin deck areas often had old laundry, ice bucket rolling carts and vacuum cleaners abandoned for hours. I guess there’s no room in the cabin attendant pantries.

Oftentimes, folks would leave a glass/cup with liquid atop the trash receptacle in the elevator lobbies. Shame on the uncaring individuals! But, the glass/cup most often rested atop the trash receptacle for hours before it was removed. I guess RCCL does not want the staff to be visible to the paying customers.

Elevator call buttons in elevator lobbies sticky from use. Seems to me, the buttons are never cleaned.

There is a slotted board imbedded in the decks outside the sliding doors. Likewise these slotted boards are on outside staircases. There must be a design defect as the screws in boards are backing out and have become a tripping hazard. But, maintenance does not care as none were repaired in the one week.

Day of week carpeting in elevators sometime replaced and sometimes not updated. Not a big dealing of itself but it does speak to the overall lack of quality assurance?

Lingering large (24” x 12”) carpet stain in an elevator lobby, first day, never cleaned. No not a wet spot from spilled liquid.

They made a big deal the first day in the Windjammer by distributing hand-wipes™ to stress cleanliness, but only once.

On previous cruises, the cabin attendant always placed the life jackets on the bed as a reminder of the first day life boat drill. No more! I guess it takes too much time, so the attendant does not bother.

On previous cruises, the cabin attendants always left the doors wedged open for all cabins until the occupants’ first arrival. No more! I guess it takes too much time, so the attendants do not bother.

On previous cruises, the cabin attendants always provided a tour of the cabin and its accoutrements. But the cabin attendant was no where to be found, so it was a self learning exercise. I guess it takes too much time, so the attendant does not bother.

The head of “hotel operations” had no time for me for a casual chat (on the last evening), regarding just my observation (not phrased as a complaint) about some of the Windjammer food but rather he dumped me onto the food and beverage manager who thought I should be eating something else. Swell! The RCCL staff is great at passing the buck, it ain’t my job or it ain’t my fault is the RCCL motto.

Late returnees to the ship from ashore visits occurred in every port. This is absolutely the height of rudeness to all others who can abide by the time widows established and published. The captain delayed departure in every port.

RCCL excels at moving folks through the boarding formalities onto the ship, extracting money throughout the “cruise” and then moving luggage and folks onto the pier so the next “guests” can be boarded.

Cruise lines, not just RCCL, and church carnivals are designed to separate you from your money. I know where the church carnival money goes, I cannot fathom where RCCL spends its money.

By the way we have cruised before. In the last ten years, I have seen a diminution in the quality of services as well as the amenities offered.

Basically, no more cruises, especially with Royal Caribbean (RCCL)
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Old 09-07-2007, 12:53 PM
the mum's Avatar
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2007
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Now you see, this is where my doubts come from. Here am I, a desperately worried mum about to commit to her first cruise on what will be the biggest ship in the world, who is scared of large crowds and very large boats, has trouble waiting in a queue at the checkouts of supermarkets if there are more than tree people in front of her and overly sensitive about cleanliness and quality of food. Holidays for me are a big issue for many reasons. A cruise seemed a good idea as my daughter cannot fly and we want warm weather and a variety of locations. Now I am seriously put off, although I think this ranting does seem a little over the top and I'm not sure I'd want to spend very much time in this persons company But seriously WHAT AM I TO BELIEVE!!!

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Old 09-07-2007, 01:19 PM
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2007
Posts: 11
Just for folks who read my post.
I spend about 90 nights a year in hotels.
So I am accustomed to various levels of service and amenities.
My travels, in the NAVY (officer), for business and for pleasure, have taken me across the globe and continents.
RCCL, in my opinion, is now more smoke and mirrors.
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Old 09-07-2007, 01:38 PM
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2007
Posts: 11
Oh, almost forgot.

If you love “Home Shopping Network” you will love RCCL’s on-ship closed circuit TV stations.

There are shills on various channels for their on board ship stores and for the ashore establishments (in each port) that they guarantee.

It is so exciting!
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Old 09-07-2007, 02:28 PM
Casanova frankenstein's Avatar  
Join Date: Feb 2007
Posts: 801
Ok "the mum" maybe this will help,
Sorry TomasT
I don’t believe this review with all the respect
That’s my opinion and I can respect yours, but in my point of view this is what I think,
I am from Puerto Rico I had travel on carnival and RCCL.
In 2006 I went on the Adventure of the seas…
You can ask anyone here about how I feel about RCCL is no secret I did not find it in any way better than carnival and I have a few issues especially with AOS limiting the food but here is the review I will have write in my case:

• The food was good not a gourmet selection but as good as any cruise line.
• About the money that depends what you are buying, if your buy at port is cheaper than the ship that’s why everyone spend their money on the islands.
• In my case I like Aruba is beautiful and Curacao WOW!!! San Martin is the best place to buy jewelry good prices, so there is always a good point to a bad cruise.
• Also I have travel on 3 cruises and had stay in hotels because my line of work and I will never change a Cruise for a hotel vacation they are cheaper and the ports are a better option.
• The AOS is one of the cleanest ship I had ever been even better than carnival, but like I said in one of my posts “ If you put a hand behind your TV probably you can find dust on it”
• If you are looking for dust in your room or a filthy Passageways well you will find it, but in my opinion YOU HAVE A BIG PROBLEM WITH YOUR MIND!!! DON’T YOU HAVE SOMETHING BETTER TO DO WITH YOUR TIME!!! IS A VACATION GET TO THE POOLS!!! GO TO THE BUFFET!!!
• Also remember some people are picky others don’t that depends on the person not on the ship for every bad reviews there are at least 100 more telling that cruising is the best vacation for the money.

So who are you going to believe that’s easy NO ONE!!!
Go out there and try it the only way to know if something is worth your time is experience it.

In all my years of cruising I will had never believe that one day I will be defending RCCL never less the AOS, so if I am defending it who knows
Maybe they make me a loyal costumer somehow
So go to the Caribbean o better yet enjoy your cruise and make a review about
At the end of your cruise you will see the big picture.

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Old 09-07-2007, 03:13 PM
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Old 09-07-2007, 03:28 PM
jillianallison's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: Sacramento, CA
Posts: 80
Sorry you had such a bad experience, TomasT.

Mum, all I can say is that I've cruised RC 5 times (w/ 2 more booked) and I've never had less than an amazing experience. I'm sure you will hear this from dozens of folks who post on this board, many of whom have been on 20, 30, 40+ cruises with Royal Caribbean.

I also must add that when you are looking for things to be disappointed by, you will always find them. TomasT must have been keeping a daily journal of how terrible his trip was; I can't imagine how else (or why?) he would remember a 24” x 12” carpet stain in an elevator lobby and cite it as a reason why his cruise experience was terrible. But to each his own.

I appreciate the poster taking time to articulate his opinion, but I must respectfully disagree with his analysis and his overall tone of negativity. His mean-spirited response to Casanova Frankenstein leads me to "consider the source" of his original remarks.
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Old 09-07-2007, 04:25 PM
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Originally posted by TomasT:
Hello TomasT,

I have edited your comment since it was a personal attack on another forum member. Personal attacks are against forum rules. Since you are new here, I suggest you review our Guidelines For Posting on Cruise-Chat.com before making any more posts.
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Old 09-07-2007, 04:56 PM
Cortney's Avatar  
Join Date: Apr 2006
Location: Michigan
Posts: 475
Mum, cruises are what you make of them. I don't have the time nor inclination to get into fights with people on a message board, so I'll reserve my opinion on the original review, but I will say that I've been on three cruises (two with Carnival, one with Princess) and am booked with RCCL for next year and have never had a bad time. There are always things that can be improved upon — no vacation is perfect, just like anything else in life. If you go in looking to find fault with everything, you undoubtedly will find it. If you go in looking to have a good, relaxing time, and be pampered to no end, you will have a wonderful time. There simply is nothing like cruising.

Please take a look at the myriad of positive reviews on this site and others, and take overly negative reviews with a grain of salt.

Enjoy your cruise!

Booked on NCL Breakaway, Feb. 2014
Carnival Conquest, Feb. 2012
NCL Gem, Sept. 2011
NCL Jewel, Feb. 2011
NCL Dawn, Sept. 2010
NCL Spirit, Feb. 2010
NCL Gem, March 2009
RCCL Explorer of the Seas, Feb. 2008
Carnival Miracle, May 2007
Carnival Conquest, April 2006
Caribbean Princess, Feb. 2005
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Old 09-07-2007, 06:04 PM
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2007
Posts: 11
Let me provide some background.

I just completed construction of a mega-million dollar data center with thousands of servers and hundreds of network devices, not to mention many other components.

My motto is “zero defects", and it is not my money.

To accept otherwise is accept mediocrity; and the potential for costly disruptive failures in the days, months and years ahead.

My money is earned through hard work and the demand I place on others, I place upon myself first and foremost.

A senior chief petty officer (a tin bender) who was our assistant company commander in officer candidate school left us all with a credo: “pay attention to detail, because if you don’t, you may kill or injure someone”. The one time, I didn’t pay attention to detail, one of my radiomen was injured; enough said. To this day, I remember the incident and more importantly his name

So why should I accept, and settle, as has been suggested for less than perfect accommodations, when it is my money. In point of fact, I am not complacent even if it is my firm’s money paying for my accommodations, as they often do.

Have we all been lulled into an atmosphere of accepting mediocrity?

Are we so wealthy, we can throw away money without question on poor service?

Have we become so inured to lackluster services? RCCL and other cruise lines, certainly have glitzy ads and commercials, but where is the substance?

Do we think the world is a “d” average, maybe so?

= = = = = =
So I was rebuffed for mentioning the clutter in the passageways. What if there was a true need to abandon ship? How would passengers, perhaps in darkness, overcome the bulwark of detritus left in the passageways?

Has a disaster occurred happened on a cruise ship? The reader is left to answer the question.

= = = = = =

To answer the other retort, I do not keep a log. But, I have a memory that recalls much of my experiences; today and years ago.

= = = = = =

By the way to reinforce my point; one evening at the mid ship shuffle board court, (deck 4, port side) I leaned against the rail and panicked. I thought the rail was giving way and I was going over the side into the Caribbean at night.

In point of fact, the dogs/nuts were not tightened sufficiently to prevent the railing from giving way to seaward. Loosely tightened? Yes. But correctly tightened? No. How do I know this? I then checked the other lifeboat stations and found all but the one I leaned against to be totally secure. Again a lack of attention by the ship’s crew to common safety practices.

But go ahead, criticize me. But, the next time RCCL loses someone over the side at sea, don’t come looking for me.

= = = = = =
So before one criticizes my comments, know full well, my background and that I do have a fair amount of skill regarding ship operations and just common sense.

= = = = = =

If you need more details, just ask, and I shall reply.

= = = = = =
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