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stmkcruise10 01-10-2010 01:28 PM

Just a quick question about an Ocho Rios excursion....

Someone I know who had went on a Carnival cruise a year ago had told me about the Tranopy excursion- Mystic Mntn chair lift, bobsled and zipline. After browsing I have noticed that RCCL does not offer this excursion. They offer it but minus the zipline. Does anyone know why this is?

Could I possibly add on the zip line while I am there? If I did this though, would I be responsible for transportation back to the ship? Or do the buses run continuously back from Mystic Mountain to the ship?

Is there any number to call RCCL to find out?


Dave 01-10-2010 03:22 PM

Tours can vary based on contracts they negotiate with the cruise lines. A zipline is more limiting as to capacity so it is possible Royal Caribbean didn't want to deal with reduced slots for the more comprehensive tour. It can also be a problem with the port times. Some ships will be there at different times of the day, or for different lengths of time. This can cause the tours being offered to vary.

If you wander off the set schedule for a ship's tour you are on your own, and would be responsible for finding your own way back to the ship. All you can really do is ask your questions about the tour and transportation HERE at the tour operator's website.

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