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AKMom 08-09-2007 10:07 AM

Does anyone know if you are allowed to bring a guest with you into the concierge lounge? I was going to book a suite with concierge service and was wondering if I could invite a friend traveling in a balcony cabin to join me in that lounge. Just curious...thanks.

tracy2011 08-09-2007 10:18 AM

I too am interested in entrance to the concierge lounge, as we are on Liberty of the Seas in October. Myself and my husband are in an Owners suite (as are my parents) so we have the facility, but the children are in a Junior Suite next door (which the Concierge is not included). We would love for all of us to take advantage of the pre dinner drinks, ice show tickets etc. but not send the kids off somewhere else because they can't come in!
Any advice would be much appreciated thanks.

AKMom 08-12-2007 12:30 PM

Does anyone have any answers to this question?

Sonny V 08-13-2007 06:07 PM

Sorry to inform you the rules do not allow any one that is not in a Grand suite or above into the concierge lounge, unless you are a C&A diamond member. If your family members are in a J.S. next to you, I'm sure the Concierge will allow it. The Libery will have a special lounge for diamond members. This will make more room for the people staying in the suites. Tracy, you'll be getting an email from the Concierge just prior to your cruise, at least I did when I had an Owners suite. AKMom, I've taken friends into the concierge lounge when it wasn't real crowded. Are any of you on the Liberty the same time I am?


tracy2011 08-15-2007 08:37 AM

Thanks for your advice Sonny, I am travelling on Liberty on 20th October for the Western Caribbean itinery, unfortunately we will be getting off as you get on!
I have read a few mixed reviews about Liberty, particularly regarding the queues. But she looks fantastic and I particularly enjoyed reading Dave's reviews, it all helps you get the most out of your cruise and sample the best of the recommended activities, as you can't possibly do everything in one week as there is so much on offer! So thanks everyone.
I am looking forard to extra benefits to being in a suite compared to a balcony stateroom. It will be interesting to see if the extra money we have spent on a suite this time will be worth it. It will be good to see the ice show (I beleive concierge help you get tickets)as we were unlucky and didn't get tickets on our Voyager of the Seas cruise.
Why do the Concierge usually email before the cruise? Just curious!

Sonny V 08-15-2007 09:16 AM


The main function of the concierge is to tend to the needs of the guests in the suites. They will, or should, email you to see if there are any special needs or request you might have. You can request tickets for the ice show or excursions at any time. You're going to love the special treatment! Also, don't forget you will get two cruise credits for booking a suite.


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