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mrtonyla13 02-28-2010 06:02 PM

Greetings, my wife is wanting me to find out if items such as curling irons or hair straighteners are allowed to be brought on the ship. Mariner of the Seas in 4 weeks!! Thanks for your help in advance.

Berick1234 02-28-2010 07:21 PM

My wife always has a curling iron with...You just can't bring a clothing iron on board....the ship does supply hair dryers...

Happy Sailing

Bob E

Sonny V 02-28-2010 07:21 PM

Yes, she can bring a curling iron. There is a blow dryer in your cabin. Irons are not allow so pack your clothes in plastic bags to keep them from getting wrinkled.


johnboy 03-01-2010 05:31 AM

That's really a great suggestion, Sonny.

I thought my wife was going a little nuts the first time she packed our clothes in those clear plastic bags (the ones you get from the cleaners). She said she had heard about that trick from one of her woman friends. When we unpacked after getting to our stateroom, it was amazing how that kept the garments virtually wrinkle-free!

We pack that way all the time now.

mrtonyla13 03-01-2010 07:24 AM

Thanks for all your help!

michelle028 03-01-2010 02:17 PM

Can you borrow clothing irons from the ship at no charge?

Cruise Fanatic 03-01-2010 02:19 PM

No, you can't have an iron in your cabin. If the ship has a self-serve laundry, then the irons will be there. They're the type that are connected to the wall so they can't be taken out of the laundry room. Many ships now have done away with the self-service and have laundry service for a fee.

Sonny V 03-01-2010 03:37 PM

A portable hand steamer works great if you need to remove wrinkles. We always bring one on a cruise.


peter l 03-02-2010 04:26 AM

Johnboy, are you talking about those flimsy ones that just cover a suit or shirt from the dry cleaner? I have not tried those but have heard from others that the ones that you pack in a suck out the air work well; any comments.


johnboy 03-02-2010 04:39 AM

Peter1, yes, these are the flimsy clear plastic bags that the cleaner puts over your shirts and suits.

Don't understand the physics of why they work, but they do!

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