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Lana537 08-27-2005 06:30 AM

Airt's thread about the Legend of the Seas 14 day Med cruise has me wondering about the Vision class.

According to an RCCL Fleet Guide that I have, the Legend of the Seas, with an inaugural of May 16, 1995, was the first of a series of six ships, now referred to by RCI as The Vision Class. The Splendour and The Grandeur followed in 1996; the Rhapsody and the Enchantment came in 1997; the Vision--May 2, 1998. It is interesting to me that this class of ship is not called the Legend Class.

My question: Does anyone know why RCI chose The Enchantment of the Seas (# 5 of 6) to be the ship in this series to receive the grand stretch and overhaul?



carol ..return cruiser 08-29-2005 05:46 AM

Lana...I don't know how they chose which one to extend, that ship is a bit newer, that could be the reason. However, I have also heard that there will be some changes made on the Legend as well... to expand some areas and bring it more up to date with the newer ships. I do know for fact, having just sailed on the Legend, that the reason it is called vision class is because of all the glass and the amazing views it offers.

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