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Duggas 01-22-2007 03:43 AM

...... from a newbie

We're booked on the Navigator of the Seas in June this year for our 1st ever cruise. I'm starting to get together a 'things to take' list which is growing by the day, but to keep the luggage at a minimum I have a few questions that I'd like your help on.

1. Do you get miniature toiletries i.e. soap in the cabin bathrooms, the same as you find in most hotel rooms these days?

2. I presume that towels are provided in your cabin, but are they provided poolside? If not can I take them from the cabin or is it best to take my own pool towels?

3. Presuming that I am probably going to take far more luggage than we need, do we have to keep our empty luggage in our cabin or is there luggage lockers available?

4. Is anybody here going to be on the same cruise? - Mediterranean Treasures 16 June 07 from Southampton.

Thanks for your help


Raksha 02-08-2007 07:12 PM

We are going on the Navigator next week and was on it 2 yrs ago.
1. No mini toiletries.
2. Pool towel given to you in your room besides the room towels. It can be exchanged for clean or dry towel poolside. You need to keep track of your towel for the week.
3. Luggage stays in your room, in closet or under bed.
4. found using a plastic shoe hanger put on the inside of closet door with 3m removeable hooks worked great for storage of extra thing - sunscreen, hat, hair brush, etc
Have fun.


Mamaza 02-09-2007 08:20 AM

Cruised on Navigator in January 2007. They had soap by sink and in shower, and a blend of shampoo and conditioner in a dispenser in the shower, but a note said we could ask for separate shampoo and conditioner if we wanted. We had brought 3 oz of each anyway.

Towels in room were enough, but we brought our own for shore use.

Our massive amount of luggage fit easily under our bed and some (emergency stuff and shoes) we left in the bag to unpack if (and when) needed.

Have a great cruise. Wish we could join you.

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