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deanie 11-19-2006 09:58 AM

We just returned from our cruise. The ship was beautiful, but I would only give it 3 stars. I was served RAW sausages for breakfast & found 2 dead flies in my food. The service was OK, but it lacked that personal touch. ONE pool for a ship that size was over crowded & never any towels. They seemed very unorganized. The security was lacking as friends of mine got bottles of wine onboard & irons. hummm!! I've cruised other lines and so far the Carnival Miracle was the best. Sorry Royal Caribbean, I don't think we'll cruise you again.

Sonny V 11-19-2006 05:47 PM

Hmmmm, 31 cruises on Royal Caribbean ships and never had even one fly in my food. Never had raw sausages either. Always had towels, because pool towels are in my room. Service I've experienced always had a friendly personal touch. Pools are generally over crowded, but I've gotten over that. They must have lost one of their pools, because the last time I was on the Jewel there were two pools, unless the solarium pool doesn't count. Does a person really think security doesn't know when a bottle of wine goes through the scanner? Could be they are cutting a little slack to make a few passengers happy. I might even call that a "personal touch". Then again, I wouldn't spend my money on a cruise if I were to look for picky little faults. I really wouldn't pay to much attention to anyone who thinks Carnival Miracle is the best without being on something like the Freedom or any of the Voyager class ships. I'm glad people like that don't sail on the ships that I love.


ceemonster 11-19-2006 07:59 PM

Well first sorry that you seemed to have a bad cruise. Like Sonny I h ave been on over 40 cruises 16 or them on RCCL and I have never had the things go wrong that you mentioned. The pools are always crowded but then thats part of the party mood. All the RCCL ships have atleast 2 pools. Even the Empress has 2 as small as she is. They are small pools but they do have 2. Never had raw food either except for the food thats suppose to be raw. I can assure security on a RCCL ship is pretty tight. I have been on the Miracle also and in my opinion I the SERVICE was just ok. When I went to the bars to get a drink The waiters were never prompt even when there was no one waiting but me. I think the pre-tipping of bar help was a bad thing especially on Carnival. On thing about glass (wine)going through the scanners believe me they know its there. If you feel you had a bad time contact RCCL theu really want to know about it. I agree with you Sonny.

Mikey1944 11-20-2006 10:52 AM

I too have been on many cruises and the one thing I find is that some people can never ever be pleased. On the last cruise, they allowed boarding at 11.30am and a couple were complaining about not being able to get into their cabin. Simply ignoring the fact that RCL ask people to arrive after 2pm. (not that I ever do)-because I like to get on the ship and relax. Waiting for a cabin which is usually available by 1pm is really no problem.
People can be sooooo picky..they must live a really miserable life. I save my complaints for something material and share it with the right party at the right time. So far I can saw I have had much better treatment on board cruise ships than I have in Hotels.

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