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billybuzzy 12-03-2006 02:07 PM

I've have just viewed posting on CNN that Royal has announced that 380 passengers on a Royal Caribbean ship on a 7 day cruise have come down with the norovirus! I am unable to find out which ship-anyone know any more info on this???


oeshpdog2 12-03-2006 06:21 PM

I read that it was the Freedom of the Seas. That was off of another cruise site called

384 passengers were reported sick.

Dave 12-04-2006 04:52 AM

You can read about it here.

Dave 12-04-2006 04:57 AM

Of course, whenever this happens on a ship the media breathlessly descends on the pier looking for the most upset passenger for a sound bite. My favorite was on ABC radio news this morning: "people were lyin around dyin in pain and they dinint do nuthin for them". (must have been from south Philly).

The fact that once you have norovirus there isn't much that can be done nonwithstanding. And what exactly is "dying in pain"?

Spiritfilled 12-04-2006 05:35 AM

Wow I just heard about the virus I wonder does this happen often and if so is there some kind of sanitary issue going on, this seems to be in the media quite a bit about different cruise lines. I am going on a cruise in 5 months and that is the last thing I want to be worried about. I hear so many things about unsanitary situations on cruise lines, like they don't change the bed sheets because they are on a time frame and some beds don't get changed, bed bugs, viruses, no washing of the comforters on the beds, kind of creepy i'd say. This is my first cruise and I am hoping i don't notice any of these things because it will be my last if that is the case, trying to stay positive someone help with this please, get me back to being excited.

NancyN 12-04-2006 05:52 AM

Here we go again!!! Dave is right, the media sure does love to glam onto this topic. Spritfilled, your best defense is to wash your hamds, wash your hands, wash your hands!! However if you put this whole issue in perspective, it is not something to worry about. With a combined passenger and crew load of about 5000 people, the outbreak affected less than 10% of the total population. That is NOTHING compared to how rampantly the flu runs through a school. It is after all flu season and as a former teacher if 2 students out of a class of 20 (10%) were absent on any given day -it would be business as usual and no one would bat an eye. The only reason this makes the news is because cruise ships are the only place where it is required by law to report these outbreaks. Schools, malls, churches, hotels, airports or any place else that large numbers of people congregate do not report these outbreaks. It is most likely one of these venues was where the virus was picked up and then brought on board by a person who is already ill but doesn't want to miss out on their vacation. So, once again I reiterate, I wouldn't concern myself - but wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands!! (Not that I have an opinion or anything - VBG)

Sonny V 12-04-2006 06:37 AM

One thing I've noticed on cruises, is how often I see the crew wiping down the hand railing on the stairways and other surfaces that are touched a lot. I never heard anyone ever complain about dirty linen on any of the cruises I've been on. You will also see dispensers of hand sanitizer as you enter the buffet area and other places. I've been on over 30 cruises and haven't met anyone that has come down with the virus. I'll be on another cruise next week and I'm not the least bit concerned about it. I will be following Nancy's advice about frequent hand washing and I'll advise my family to do the same. I also have some advice... DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY!


DSR 12-04-2006 06:47 AM


oeshpdog2 12-04-2006 09:24 AM

Way to much hype. My wife and I leave in 12 days for our first cruise and I am not worried. Norovirus is a flu type virus. You get it from coming in contact with the germ. People get it all over this country and we never hear about it until it is on a cruise. You have more to fear from getting it from an airplane since they never wipe down the seats, armrests etc and forget the fact that airlines circulate the air, good and bad, throughout the plane.

My wife paid a visit to her Dr. this morning just to make sure she was in good health for our trip and the Dr. mentioned that good hygiene is the best prevention from getting ill on any trip whether it is a ship, train, plane, rental car (do you think they sanatize the steering wheels) etc.

So much for my rant.

Jim C. 12-04-2006 09:50 AM

Just keeps you hands washed (esp before meals) and you can prevent outbreaks like this. Whenever you put that many people in a contained space and feed them buffet style you are going to see virus outbreaks. If everyone would wash their hands before meals and after using the bathroom, this wouldn't happen.

Of course you also suffer from the people that get a virus before getting on the cruise and cruise anyway because they "paid for it"...

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