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MCSD12 10-16-2005 07:31 PM

I am getting ready for a cruise in a week and need some basic questions answered.

1). Does each room have an iron or can I get one on board?
2). If I bring an AM / FM Radio will it work while cruising or on the islands (Nassau / Cocokay)?
3). Once you arrive in Nassau do I need to book an excursion to get to the beach or is it close enough to walk to?

Frase 10-16-2005 09:30 PM

Judging from the Ports of call you mentioned,I assume that you are getting ready for a cruise on Royal Caribbean's Majesty/Seas or Sovereign/Seas.

Sorry, R.C. does not permit you to have a travel iron in your cabin. On my cruise aboard the Sovereign last year (before her grand renovation), I did not bring a iron onboard. So I don't know if it is easy or not to sneak one with you. They do have laundry service onboard (full not self-serve). Just ask your cabin steward that you want your clothes laundered on just pressed, and they will do it for you. It will cost you a little, but I think it would be the easiest option. I tried doing my laundry on my cruise I got back from (they had a self-serve laundry-mat onboard). It used-up allot of my time. Time which I could have spent having fun on the ship.

I suppose you could bring an AM?FM radio on your cruise. I did not. It might work, but you will probably be picking up unfamilar Bahamian radio stations.

The beach must be a long distance from the port (Prince George's Wharf). I did not see any sand anywhere in Nassau. I am sure it was somewhere, but not within walking distance from the ship. You can probably book a shore excursion to get to the beach, or you could take a taxi to the beach. There were plenty of eager cab drivers waiting outside of the Festival Place Building (the entrance way to Prince George's Wharf). I heard the Yellowbird Boat Tour shore ex. was nice. I remember reading that it stopped at a beach. You can book your shore ex.s On-Line, On-Phone, or onboard the ship.

Also her is a little extra advice for first time cruisers (like I was on the Sovereign last year):
- Bring plenty of sun protection (sun screen, hats, sunglasses, etc).
- Bring enough cash to: buy things while ashore, gamble in the onboard casino, and provide a little extra tipping money to the crew members.
- Bring sea sickness pills (Dramamine or Bonine) or anti-sea sickness devices (the patch, wrist bands, etc). Chances are you won't need them, but you can never be sure.
- Bring a multi-strip electrical outlet and an extension chord. There is usually only one electrical outlet in the cabin.
- Organize all the small stuff (medicines, toiletries, reading matierials, travek documents, etc) into separate zip-lock bags. I found this worked out really well for me. It really makes finding things really fast, and if there ever is an accidental spill, it will ususally be contained, and clean-up that much easier.

So I hope this can be of some help to you. Good luck on your cruise. Have a good time.

Frase 10-16-2005 10:04 PM

I forgot to give you some other important advice:
- Your cabin steward will leave various cans of soda and water bottles in your room. Don't touch them, they are very expensive.
- Your cabin steward will have various literature spread-out on the table in your room (next to the very expensive water and soda). There will be a three ring binder with their names and extra stationary for you to write notes. And maybe there will be a book about the Bahamas, and possibly another book. They will re-collect this literature on the last night. Don't be surprised if this literature suddenly dissapears that night from your room. In fact, it would be best if you leave this literature out in the open on the last night; rather than having your cabin steward rumage through your belongings to find them.
-Bring some pad locks to lock up your suitcase. You will need to check-in the large one(s) at the pier. On the last night you will need to leave the large one(s) outside your cabin door. In both instances you should use a padlock to lock them up. I would reccomend the Travel Sentry TSA-friendly pad locks.

So thats all I can think of at the moment (in terms of advice). If you have any more questions about cruising, don't hesistate on posting another question. The members of this website are well expierience in cruising and can really help.

Enjoy your cruise.

NancyN 10-17-2005 04:29 AM

Welcome to cruise-chat. The British Colonial Beach and Lighthouse Beach are both within easy walking distance of where the ship docks. When you exit the cruise ship terminal on Bay St, just hang a right and you can't miss them. However, Cable Beach and Paradise Beach are much nicer (and larger) beach areas that can easily be accessed by grabbing a taxi (not close enough to walk to).

Oggy Boy 10-17-2005 09:19 AM

I have taken the walk a number of times. It all depends on if you like to walk or not. I would estimate that it is about 2 miles to the beaches on Paradise Island. Simply turn left on the main street in Nassau and walk to the bridge that goes over the harbor to Paradise Island. Just keep going straight and you will hit the beach.

Another way to get there is to simply grab a water taxi to the Paradise Island terminal and walk across Paradise Island. I believe that the water taxi is $5 each direction. You can find much more information about Nassau by following this link:

Have a great day in Nassau!


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