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Spiritfilled 08-29-2006 08:29 AM

Can someone help me out here I have a know it all brother who says the Titanic was bigger than the ships we have today accept for the Freedom is there anyone who knows the tonnage and how many passengers it held, I told him the Titanic had nothing on these ships today, help me someone with my stubburn brother.

penny3333 08-29-2006 08:50 AM

She was built in 1912, 92ft. 6 in. beam, 882ft. 9in. length. 52,310 long ton displacement, 46,328 GRT, 329 1st class passengers, 285 2nd class, 710 3rd class, 889 crew. No where near the ships today. Best wishes!

Spiritfilled 08-29-2006 09:01 AM

Thank you penny3333 I knew I was correct on the matter although that was a nice size for that time because that is over 1000 passengers. Again thank you wow you know your stuff.

Raoul Fiebig 08-29-2006 10:05 AM


the "Titanic" was roughly the size (i.e. tonnage) of "Empress of the Seas", the smallest ship in Royal Caribbean's fleet.

shanghai 100 08-31-2006 07:25 PM

size of the Empress of the Seas:
Length: 692', Beam: 100', Draft: 25', Passenger capacity: 2,020 Gross tonnage: 48,563 tons
speed: 19.5 knots ( 22.4 mph )

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