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FefeCruise 10-13-2009 08:30 AM

I just wanted to share with everyone my recent experience on the Royal Caribbean’s Enchantment of the Seas 5 nights cruise (10/3-10/8). Please bear with me through this long post. First of all, I would like to mention that the service staffs (room attendant, waiters, pool/bar attendants, etc) were terrific throughout our cruise and definitely helped in redeeming our experience.

Our disappointing experience involved mainly the management personnel who poorly handled our yellow water situation in our cabin. Once we had access to our room, we went to check it out and noticed right away that the water in the toilet bowl had a deep yellow color it as if someone already <used> it. The sink water also had a similar yellow color to it. After comparing water color with our friends staying a few rooms apart, we brought the issue to housekeeping. Our room attendant took a look; it did appear abnormal to her so she called Maintenance. I am not sure what they did but later that day, the water only had a lighter yellow tint, so we decided to live with it.

However, on the third day, the water returned to that same disgusting dark yellow color again. We have just gotten back from our on shore excursion, we were sweaty and had been swimming in salt water all day long, we could not wait to take a shower but the water was just too appalling. We brought the issue up to Maintenance again who sent two different repairmen, after which they concluded that the water is clear. I am attaching pictures so that you could all see what I am referring to. On the picture, one of the cups is filled with bottled water (as a reference), while the other is filled with sink water. Also, on one of the pictures, we filled the sink with water so that you can clearly see that the water is not clear but yellow. I would also like to note that the yellow color was actually even darker at an earlier point but we did not think of taking a picture at that time. In the interests of keeping this post as concise as possible, I will summarize the events that transpired after I went to talk to Guest Relations in search of a resolution. The following are the personnel that made visits to our stateroom who all claimed to not see any yellow in our water:

<name deleted>, Guest Relations Staff: claimed that water was clear but finally admitted in the end that he saw yellow yet reported to his manager that there was no problem with the water.

First Attendant of Housekeeping (can’t remember his name): claimed the yellow water is a reflection of the light in the bathroom, sink, and fixtures. All of which were, by the way, white or maybe cream in color.

<name deleted>, Assistant to the Manager of Guest Relations: did not even say a word to us, chose not answer our questions, just said that water is “clear”

<name deleted>, Chief of Housekeeping (followed by another gentleman, possibly his assistant): also attributed the yellow to the reflection of the lights, sink, etc.

Head of Maintenance (can’t remember his name): did not even want to help us b/c he claimed that we were yelling at him. yes, i did raise my voice but was not cursing or being rude. I actually did apologize to him and ask him to understand our frustration as we saw at least 6 different people come through our room claiming to see clear water, and making us feel as if we were crazy. Not to mention that this has been going on for 2.5+ hrs already. He left the room regardless; I don’t think he would have been much help anyways.

<name deleted>, Guest Relations Manager: spoke with him several time over the phone, claimed that there were no other rooms available on the ship. Let me point out that this is October, a rather low season for cruising, and various staffs casually mentioned that the boat was not booked to capacity.

<name deleted>, Hotel Director: the most condescending man of all. He made sarcastic remarks to us such as “I can’t change the way you see color in the water” or “maybe I should have my glasses replaced…” and even went as far as telling us to take pictures of it and “make a case to the company.” This is astonishing especially coming from someone of such high ranking whose responsibilities revolves around service and hospitality.

To this day, we have no idea why the water was yellow. Perhaps it was as safe as all of management on EOS claimed, but it was disgusting nevertheless. The most aggravating part was that no one would acknowledge that there was indeed a yellow color to our water. Our friends saw it, obviously our room attendant noticed it, and I would hope that everyone reading this can see it on the pictures. If we were given a valid reason as to why the water was yellow (was it their filtration system, pipes, minerals, etc), it would have reassured us. Instead, they denied everything, gave us lame excuses time after time and treated as if we were out to get a free meal. I seriously just wanted to shower and get ready for dinner.

I think it was truly embarrassing for RCCL to have what could have been a minor issue escalate all the way to the Hotel Director. It just shows the inefficiencies of the management team of the various departments. Interestingly, <name deleted> Guest Relations manager, informed us the next day that he found us a room one deck below since a couple would be disembarking at the Cozumel, Mexico port that day. Despite the suspicious availability of this room, we went to check it out; this room was all the way at the front of the boat so it was really rocky (and I’m prone to motion sickness), plus it was above the theater so it was really noisy. We declined the room; we only had one more day on the boat so why bother and we wanted to stay close to our friends.

I am sure our experience is just an isolated incident and probably not a good representation of RCCL cruises in general. Since this was our first cruise, however, so we only have this experience to base our judgments from. The management personnel, especially <name deleted>, were the sole damper of our cruise experience; the service staffs, again, were fantastic. Thank you for reading through this long post.

Click Here for Pictures

<edited to remove crew names per forum guidelines>

Maurine 10-13-2009 09:40 AM

That's really too bad. I hope you do bring it to RC's attention (corporate).

I looked at the pics and the water does appear to be yellow.

Saying that you needed to get new glasses was really rude. I would have been getting everyone's name (good and bad) so I could report to RC.

I think if that happened to me, I would go online and contact my travel agent or email RC and complain.

I have been on one RC cruise and will be going on my second soon. I didn't have any maintenance issues and had a fabulous time. I understand that you probably don't want to give RC a second chance, but not all are like that. I too would have wanted an explanation about why the water was yellow.

penny3333 10-13-2009 10:45 AM

Hi FeFeCruise, welcome to Cruise-Chat. Sorry to hear about your problems, but do hope the rest of the cruise was fantastic. It sounds like they did try to offer you another room, even if it wasn't to your liking, they did try. Some of the comments, however, were inappropriate to say the least.

Please do as Maruine suggests and write a letter to corporate. Keep is as succinct as possible, with a copy of your pictures. It was probably rust or minerals, but they should have acknowleged your complaint. If they fixed it once (a little anyway), they should have been able to have fixed it again.

I do hope other than this, the rest of the cruise was enjoyable. I also hope you give Royal another chance, they are generally one of the top rated cruise lines. The 3 cruises I have taken on them were fantastic, and thankfully, problem free.

Best wishes and we hope you will cruise again in the near future!

spoheat 10-13-2009 12:39 PM

Unfortunately so many people try to work the system to get discounts and so forth that corporate has become very suspicious. We had an incident with flooding last March on the AOS and basically got told to pursue it through corporate if we were not satisfied. Representatives at Corporate basically told us that no record of our problem existed, in spite of the water being turned off on the ENTIRE ship for two afternoons while a plumbing leak was repaired (outside our room door). I really was disappointed in how we were treated, but have to say no one was ever rude or condescending. They simply maintained the fiction that this didn't happen, our carpeting was not soaking, and the maintenance people who came (repeatedly) and vacuumed up water had no record and therefore this did not happen.

Phooey! People with legit complaints get tarred with the same brush as those people who never planned on being satisfied. While I don't blame RCCL a lot of my warm feelings and brand loyalty has gone by the wayside.

Maurine 10-13-2009 12:41 PM

Fefe, I also notice that this is your first post on the board. I understand you are upset about the cruise and the way you were treated, but I hope that you will pursue things with RC first rather than blitzing cruise forums with your tale. Not saying you're not justified in being upset. You are. You were treated shabbily according to your post. But give corporate RC the chance to make things right. And keep us updated. I hope your next cruise is problem free.

Maurine 10-13-2009 12:43 PM


While I don't blame RCCL a lot of my warm feelings and brand loyalty has gone by the wayside.
I totally understand.

No water for two days???!!! Maybe the ship didn't keep a record to CTA. Who knows? I would certainly get names, times, dates, etc. It gives legitimacy to your case. And if it's really bad, you can pursue things legally--small claims court.

spoheat 10-13-2009 04:52 PM

We even had the cruise compass supplement that explained why water could not be run between 11-3 on a couple port days. But--there was no record of a leak, and no record of water soaking our carpeting. You could not even use the public wash rooms--we ate lunch at the windjammer and had to go back off the ship to use a rest room. This was a problem that was definitely known, crew-wide.

The bright side: one of our best cruises, ever. AOS has fantastic ports of call. Great staff. And the water was fresh, not, ahem--wastewater.

But like the poster the aggravation really came in the form of widespread denial of the problem. Will we sail RCCL again? probably, we have been very satisfied with the product.

But not this year.

spoheat 10-13-2009 04:55 PM

By the way, my husband is a contractor and curious about all things mechanical. After he described the exact work he observed being done, replacement of ball valves, etc., they did concede that work was done. Just no flooding.

Dave 10-13-2009 05:24 PM

During my time in the Navy I was a Machinist's Mate, which encompasses many skills including many things a plumber does. Although I was a nuclear propulsion plant operator I still had to go through training on repairing pumps, valves, piping, etc. I understand these cruise ship problems and know how and why they happen. I also understand when the crew simply can't do anything about it without taking an entire system offline for hours or even days in order to effect repairs or a remedy. Passengers will not often understand why, but they do deserve a polite and complete explanation by the management.

Dwayne 10-13-2009 10:11 PM

If I recall, the Holiday and Tropicale both had rusty water issues on occasion. Not sure if it was the same type of problem. I think those ships just had rusty pipes as the water would clear after you ran it a while. I agree, one does deserve a polite explanation.


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