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tntlisi 11-20-2006 12:00 PM

I am going on the mariner in a few weeks and was surprised when I picked up my cruise documents and it said you are NOT allowed to bring aboard any alcohol, they even check bags. I went on Disney Wonder last year and you were allowed to bring on alcohol to consume in your own room. My travel agent said he didn't think RCL was too strict on enforcing this policy at the main terminal. Does anyone know about this? We are going with 2 young kids and booked a balcony room so we can put them to bed a night and sit out the balcony and relax for the night, with spending a small fortune

Dave 11-20-2006 12:15 PM

The policy has always been that personal alcohol was not allowed (other than wine), but it was not rigidly enforced. After the problems RCCL had over the summer with drunken passengers falling overboard, they tightened up on the alcohol policy significantly - at least in words. I do not know how strict they are at the embarkation port since this policy revision. In case your docs don't lay it out, here is all the verbage.

Sonny V 11-20-2006 08:18 PM

I hear of people packing a bottle or two in there suitcases, but I never tried it. In the past year things have changed. It's really not worth taking a chance if you read the verbiage.


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