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Pyrate1969 12-15-2008 09:46 AM

Hi, first time cruiser and new to this site. First of all, I have seen several references to " Cruise Documents". Should I be expecting something in the mail or will I find all my info online? Second any advice for a first time, cruiser who is traveling alone, I am "Single" but I'm not trying to be a "Single" if you know what I mean, I specifically did not book onto a "Singles" cruise because while not opposed to meeting someone I am not "Looking". So having rambled on about that, any advice from the vast experienced cruise collective consciousness?

penny3333 12-15-2008 10:33 AM

Welcome to Cruise-Chat Pyrate 1969. Congratulations on your up-coming cruise. Word of warning-cruising is addictive Cruise documents are normally downloaded now a days. They used to send you great packages in the mail. Some lines still send out luggage tags, but most everything is on-line now. I've been on many cruises solo. They do have meetings for singles, if you wish to attend. Check your daily newsletter for times and places. I meet most people I enjoy associating with on excursions. That way, you know you have something in common with them. I do hope you enjoy your cruise. Best wishes and once again, welcome aboard!

spoheat 12-15-2008 11:25 AM

Wow! I love to see a new cruiser sign in--kind of live vicariously that excitement we experienced when we first discovered cruising. I travel with husband and kids, but know a lot of single cruisers. Most of them like Penny meet people to hang with on excursions, particularly scuba--not sure why that pasttime is often peopled by singles. Also have known them to meet people in the hot tubs. Sounds strange but you are all sitting there together, facing each other--when someone hops in alone others who are also solo seem to start introductions! Good luck with this.

Jim C. 12-15-2008 11:51 AM

Welcome aboard virgin Pirate! Welcome to Cruise Chat. You will most likely be getting your cruise documents electronically. Unless you specified otherwise. How did you book your cruise? On the cruise line website or via a travel agent? Either way, cruise documents used to be your tickets and info, but now, most of the paperwork is done online via the cruise line's website. Passport information, and cruise registration can be done anytime up to your cruise date. Actually now with the homeland security regulations, the cruise line needs to have all the passenger info turned in 48 hours before the cruise. I wouldn't wait more than a month before your cruise date to fill the information out. But it can be done as early as you want.

Dwayne 12-15-2008 01:23 PM

Hi Pyrate1969, and Welcome to Cruise-Chat!

You will meet people at dinner too. They often seat singles together (not always) though. I have never had trouble meeting people on cruises. I have met quite a few while sitting at the lido bar. Of course I am talking about friends to socialize with. Seems like everyone is just more friendly on cruises. Congrats on your first cruise, and welcome aboard.


drlivingston 12-16-2008 07:08 AM

New cruise chat registration
First cruise............approx. $500-800
Single supplement.......varies
Jim starting a post with...

Welcome aboard virgin Pirate!

Jim C. 12-16-2008 08:05 AM

I knew you would like that Dr....

How often does one get to use that line?

drlivingston 12-16-2008 08:19 AM

Aaaaarrrrr, Matey!! Just ye be glad that I steered clear of any poop deck material...

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