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Missygirl556 02-08-2007 05:16 PM

This is my first cruise ever and there are no elaborate discussions about the Sea Pass Cards. 1. First of all are they like a credit card or debit card. If you have to put money on it is their a certain amount and can you get the money back if you don't use it all?
2. Also if you purchase a unlimited soda card can that be used at places like johnny rockets and ben and jerry's or only at bars.
3. Does anyone know the age for bingo, is it 18 and older or is their a "family or kids" version all ages can play.
4. What are the teen clubs like, if anyone has been to them.
Thank you so much, looking forward to hearing from the "experts"

Jim C. 02-08-2007 07:36 PM

The sea pass card looks like a credit card and can be "backed" by a credit or debit card or cash at embarkation. If you choose cash, you will be asked for a minimum deposit (at least enought to cover the autogratuity). If you choose to use your debit card to back the sea pass card you should call you bank before you go because the ship will put a "hold" for a large amount on the card and some banks limit a debit card to a couple of hundred dollars a day.

The easiest thing is to just back it with a credit card. Then, everything you have to pay for on the ship is "charged" to your seapass card. The only place cash is used is in the casino and for extra tips. The last night of the cruise, a statement of charges will be in your cabin and you can either pay it off at the pursers desk or let them charge it to whatever card you used to back the seapass card with. If you use cash, once your deposit balance is used up, the card will not let you buy anything and the purser will ask you for additional funds to add to your account (that is why the credit card is the easier way) If you do not use all the deposit, there will be a check for the balance along with your statement.

Soda card- I think its only good at bars,and from drink waiters, but I'll defer to a RCCL regulars on that point as I have not yet cruised on RCCL (until May) The seapass stuff is the same, so I imagine the soda card deal is too).

Bingo is age 18 or over. Although if an adult is there to buy the card and collect the winnings, they don't mind the kids playing the game.

Teen clubs.. don't know, I'm WAY to old for teen clubs but MY teen seemed to enjoy herself. Our last cruise was the first time she was old enough to go in.

debilee 02-09-2007 12:07 AM

the soda card on rccl can be used any where on the ship. enjoy ur cruise.

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