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SailorJack 01-12-2007 08:28 AM

What is RCI's policy on bringing your own alcohol on board? I understand some cruise lines frown on the practice.

Sonny V 01-12-2007 09:46 AM

Hello SailorJack, welcome to Cruise-Chat. Royal Caribbean does not allow passengers to bring alcohol on board. If you purchase bottles of alcohol while on board or in a port of call, they will store it for you until the end of your cruise.


Dave 01-12-2007 09:51 AM

Here is RCI's Alcohol Policy

SailorJack 01-12-2007 11:30 AM

Thanks Sonny and Dave (sounds like a Rock Duo!) Do you think anyone has ever been denied bording for bringing a bottle onboard?

Dave 01-12-2007 11:41 AM


Originally posted by SailorJack:
Thanks Sonny and Dave (sounds like a Rock Duo!) Do you think anyone has ever been denied bording for bringing a bottle onboard?
I don't know. This policy change was a result of too many underage people sneaking booze aboard RCI ships and then causing problems - most notably when one young man got drunk and fell overboard last summer. He and his buddies smuggled a bunch of booze aboard in mouthwash bottles.

So - I'd say they are looking for it and if they find it they most likely are just taking it away and letting that be the end of it. The denial of boarding would probably happen if someone decided to show their "alpha" when confronted about it instead of admitting guilt and begging forgiveness.

I don't do it and don't recommend people do it. A liter of rum has around 25 shots in it. A rum and coke on an RCI cruise is around $5. So a smuggled liter of rum has a "ship value" of $125. Here in Alabama, a liter of good rum costs around $20. I am not willing to break the rules or risk losing my cruise for the sake of $105.

Leigh 01-13-2007 07:34 PM

I have a question for you Dave or anyone else who has experienced this. I overheard a conversation about how RCCL scans & searches ALL checked luggage for alcohol and not just carry on's. They said they have a special alcohol scanner??? and if the scanner detects any type of alcohol they rumage through your entire bags and detain them. I'm a little concerned because I carry rubbing alcohol (for my daughters syringes) are they going to tear apart all my luggage for that? I have packed it on my other cruises ( Carnival & Princess) I've even had a bottle of baileys which wasn't detected. Is this a new system RCCL has or is someone overexagerating. If so it must take forever to receive your luggage if they have to scan and check all bags? I know that they told me we were not able to bring a wine (we did with Carnival) or bottles of water or pop in carry on's which I can understand. When you are at port, if we bought a case of pop or case of water would we be allowed to bring it on board to keep in our room? Not quite sure as this is my first RCCL experience, by the way Dave I was able to talk the rest of our group into the cruise and they all seem very excited except for 1 who is still alittle skeptical but is willing to give it a go, I sure hope they love it as much as I do or I will never hear the end, oh god don't let it list. How are the seas going into San Juan? any rougher than normally??? Took all advice given and chose the Explorer we leave March 18.

Dave 01-14-2007 07:29 AM

I've not heard of an alcohol scanner being used. If I were you I'd simply put the rubbing alcohol in your carry-on along with the syringes and explain it should they ask about it. This won't cause them to pull your checked bags aside for a special inspection. Medical alcohol is routinely brought aboard - lots of diabetics out there.

From what I've heard RCI is not making an issue out of reasonable amounts of soda or bottled water being brought aboard.

Leigh 01-14-2007 11:58 AM

Thanks Dave,
My daughter is diabetic, this is why I like to keep canned soda in my fridge at all times incase she needs a quick sugar boost in the middle of the night. Another question for you or again anyone else who can anser this. We have a cabin booked #6658 and have the option to switch with someone for the JS #6694 which is located right at the back looking straight out instead of the side Balcony. Which is a better location? As far as feeling the motion or vibrations etc. They are both at the aft so would there even be a difference. And is it worth the extra $$ are we actually getting more space? Are the bathrooms pretty much the same size in both cabins? Kind of looking for a little more bathroom space 4 in a room especially 3 being girls...well I'm you you get the picture. Our cabin we had on the Grand E728 was pretty compact. The cabin size I'm sure is the same on the Explorer.

Dave 01-14-2007 12:06 PM

A junior suite is always a better choice than a standard balcony for my money! I like aft balconies. Usually no wind and therefore the balcony can be more usable. The extra space of the JS will help with four people in the cabin. It looks to be almost 100 square feet larger, plus the bathroom is bigger with a tub instead of just a shower.

schmed 01-14-2007 07:36 PM

I just came back from our first cruise on the Navigator of the Seas (1/6 - 1/13). We did get alcohol (vodka and rum) on board by putting it in shampoo bottles in our checked luggage. Our luggage was not searched and we put the bottles with some clothes in those vaccum bags you can purchase for packing. We were very surprised since their policy in the book we received before leaving seemed very strict. Also... my spouse and I only purchased one soda card since it is only registered to your Sea Pass card (the card you use for all purchases on the ship). I would go to one bar and ask for a diet coke and then go to another bar and ask for coke for my spouse. He even used my card himself to gt soda...tells you how closely they look at the name on the card!

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