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denjoker 01-19-2011 10:23 AM

Nippy Cruise!
Just got back from our 9 day Bahama cruise on the Enchantment. When we left Baltimore it was 24 degrees. The first day they had part of the deck blocked off due to ice. Our first stop in Port C it was cool and overcast so we skipped the Orlando theme park thing. On to Key West where we had to wear our winter jackets with wind whipping! On to Nassau for more of the same weather. Our last stop of Cocoa Cay was so bad weatherwise we didn't even brave the tender to the island. Needless to say - our swim suits never came out. We've gone on over 10 cruises and have always been lucky with the weather. I told my wife it's a good thing this wasn't our first cruise as it was a really bad example of what the ports are usually like. We did get caught up on a lot of rest and had great tablemates. We also had the only American captain in the for RCI - Capt. Rob - had him before - he's like Bob Newhart of Captains - very funny. It's a shame that our one cruise of the year was kind of a downer - but as I told my wife - it sure beats working!

Oh yeah - I forgot - what's up with no more chocolates on the pillows?

alfred 01-19-2011 11:18 AM

I am booked on the same Cruise for February 19th. I was really excited until I read this post. I was going out of Baltimore to save airfare. I was thinking things might have warmed up by the time we got to Florida. This does not look encouraging.

Sandy 01-19-2011 11:19 AM

Welcome back and thanks for your comments.

Too bad about the weather, but as you said, it beat working! And cooking, cleaning, checking 600 tv channels to find something fun to watch in the evenings, etc. The former CEO of Carnival used to like to say, "Cruising is like ***. Even when it's bad, it's good."

There's no predicting the weather. Floridians have had a difficult time of it this winter, like so many other areas of the country. I'm not too far from Baltimore, and I can tell you, you didn't miss much here, either, weatherwise!

Royal Caribbean stopped giving out chocolates on the pillows a year or two ago, in a cost savings measure.

How was the entertainment? Food? Did you eat most of your meals in the dining room?

417rogers 01-19-2011 01:47 PM

Hey Alfred
Don't can never really tell until you get there. One year ago this weekend I was at CocoCay & Nassua and it was perfect...have fun!

alfred 01-19-2011 01:52 PM

In retrospect I should be thrilled I am going on a cruise. Your right I am fortunate to be going and should count my blessings.

Cookies2Go 01-19-2011 08:22 PM

My husband and I booked a last minute cruise 2 weeks ago (January 7-10) and I can definitely second your thoughts on the weather, OP! It was on Majesty out of Miami. We also had not-the-best weather. When we arrived in Miami, it was maybe 50 degrees and windy, although sunny and beautiful-looking. Day 2 was supposed to be Cococay but the water was too rough for the tenders to get to the ship so we weren't allowed off the ship and headed straight to Nassau instead. We got into port there at about 630-7pm and stayed there until 4ish-pm on Day 3.

It was so windy on Day 2 that people were walking around the pool deck with hoodies and jeans on. The midnight buffet by the pool was chilly also.

Day 3 in Nassau was the best day of all, weather-wise. It was about 70 and sunny. Although a lot of the shops were closing early in the day so it was not the best day to be in port there, if you were interested in shopping there. We have been there 4 times now and I have no desire to go back, really.

We have cruised in the winter 3 times previous to this trip and usually have great weather.

Jacqueline 01-30-2011 07:34 AM


Originally Posted by alfred (Post 284735)
I am booked on the same Cruise for February 19th. I was really excited until I read this post. I was going out of Baltimore to save airfare. I was thinking things might have warmed up by the time we got to Florida. This does not look encouraging.

Hi Alfred,

Just got off the Jan 17-29 cruise (EOS). We chose Baltimore to save money and give us the chance to experience a 12- cruise. The route goes further south so it was bound to be warmer, but on the first and last two days (closer to Baltimore, Florida and Bahamas) it was better than we expected. Shorts were on by the afternoon of our first sea day and even on the morning of the last. We were told that the seas are usually rough as one travels out into the ocean from Baltimore as well as on the return, but every crew member we spoke to remarked that it was calmer than in the past (although many people were VERY green on the first and last day). It really IS the luck of the draw. There's a little bad news though: The fantastic Captain Rob (you could have heard a pin drop when he gave his daily reports) mentioned that the Jan 29 cruise would be his last for a few weeks so he will probably be on vacation when you're on board. There's lots of good news though...I would travel out of Baltimore again any time. Our park & cruise hotel (The Fairfield Marriott White Marsh) was fantastic, the shuttle was on time both ways and the terminal staff at Baltimore processed a huge crowd quickly and with a smile. We had the same experience on our return. The Enchantment is looking a little older and is due for dry dock in April of next year but she's kept very clean and the staff is fantastic. If the weather is cool I'd recommend spending time in the Schooner bar with Freddie and Jimbo or Boleros with Vijay because they make everyone feel like a VIP!!! Have a great trip!

electech 01-30-2011 07:58 AM

I think the weather everywhere has stunk this winter. We cruised out of Tampa for Christmas and it was only in the 40's there when we left!!! At least it was 75 in Cozumel and calm seas the whole trip!!

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