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ccarrelha 06-29-2011 10:19 AM

horse races
They used to do horse races on the cruise where you can bid on horses! anyone know if they still have them and if not why the did away with them?

penny3333 06-29-2011 11:24 AM

As far as I know they still have them. They did on my cruise in February.

ccarrelha 06-29-2011 11:45 AM

anyone go on the explorer of the seas out of bayonne and have them? do people still get dressed up for them?

Midwest Cruiser 06-29-2011 11:46 AM

They haven't held the bidding or races on my last 4 or 5 cruises. I'm not sure why but I'm sure it has saved me some money. :)

Dave 06-29-2011 12:12 PM

It depends on the cruise line, the ship and itinerary, and even the cruise director's preferences. Some CDs don't like to do the horse racing so even if a ship had the event previously they will not do it during their tour of duty.

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