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SusanSam 08-13-2011 11:46 AM

Just a couple more questions.....
Like I said, we haven't cruised since 2006, and before that it was 1997.

Do they still bring around a cart with after dinner drinks, after dinner in the dining room?

Are there no more wine stewards on any ships? (RCCL).

And what is the purpose of the M'tre D? Is there a position for Head Waiter, separate from M'tre D?

Thanks. I couldn't find any of these answers on their web site.

MCPayne 08-13-2011 12:40 PM

Hi SusanSam. I can answer a couple questions.

To my knowledge, they do not bring a cart around after dinner for drinks. What will happen is that your waiter or assistant waiter will take your dessert order, and along with that, ask you if you want any coffee or any other drink with your dessert.

Yes, there is a position for the Head Waiter, and that is one of your staff that you tip at the end of the cruise. Depending on whether or not you prepaid gratuities, you will either get vouchers delivered on the last morning of the cruise by your stateroom attendant, or you can just give cash. The recommended gratuities by Royal Caribbean are here.

Sonny V 08-14-2011 01:52 PM

The Maitre d' is in charge of all the dining rooms.

poormom 08-14-2011 05:29 PM

On cruises where I've actually gone to the main dining room every night at the main seatings, Usually they will ask if you want bar service. A server seperate from your waiter/ assistant waiter brings the drinks. Then learn very quickly if you imbibe or not. If you have the same thing every night, they'll ask if that's what you want.
If you usually order wine, they will send a 'wine steward' to help you.
Usually the bar server comes around with a tray with the 'shot of the day' at dessert time in a glass that you get to keep (for a fee of course)

SusanSam 08-20-2011 02:27 PM

Thanks, all!

That's what I wanted to know...the 'shot of the day' with dessert. We had fun doing that last time and the glasses we still have.

Should we tip the Maitre d'?

f-mattox 08-20-2011 02:35 PM

Should we tip the Maitre d'?

A very volatile question. In my opinion, yes, if he does his job, which is making sure you are completely satisfied with the food and service and is there for you if you have a question or complaint. On the other hand, if the only contact you have with him is on the next-to-last night when he comes around just to remind you who he is . . . .then definitely NO.

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