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chefshaun 10-30-2011 01:58 PM

Show Times & Spa
Hey Everyone-

Only 27 more days before my wife and I go on our first cruise for our Honeymoon aboard the Liberty of the Seas for a 5 night cruise to Cozumel and Belize. You all have been extremely helpful and we appreciate all the help not only for us but everyone who has questions about cruising. I had yet a couple more questions as I'm trying to reserve shows, specialty restaurants, and spa treatments:

-While trying to reserve shows on the RCCL website it seems they only have a couple of show times for each. In the case of Saturday Night Fever they only have one showing the whole cruise?! Is this normal and what if that showtime interferes with your Dining Room seating? They also don't have any shows scheduled for the 2nd sea day, why is that and will there be more options once we get on the ship?

-Is it necessary to get reservations for specialty dining for Chops? We'd like to go but are not sure what day it would be and when we'd feel like going. We wouldn't want it to interfere with something like Formal Night in the Dining Room but don't want to miss it because we didn't make a reservation.

-My wife and I are also hoping to get a couples massage, but it seems they only offer them on one day to reserve online. Does anyone have experience with a couples massage or know if they offer couples massages more than just one day?

Dave 10-30-2011 02:54 PM

I'm sure they have Saturday Night Fever more than once, and there should be shows every day. It could be an issue with the online reservation system. You can reserve shows on the ship, and they always hold back (I think) 25% of the seats which can only be reserved on the ship, so that might be another reason you can't do online bookings...the seats that can be booked online are already filled.

You need reservations for Chops and Portofino. Again, you can do that on the ship or online. You will have to decide quickly on a time because Chops reservations do fill up quickly, especially after the first day aboard when people who didn't do an online booking will make their dinner reservations with the Chops maitre'd.

I can't help you on the massages. I don't do spas or gymnasiums.

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