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Dr. J 12-04-2011 09:22 PM

Splendour of the Seas - Sao Paolo, Brazil
My wife and I are booked on this week long South American cruise in January. We found out after booking that the entire cruise is in Portuguese. We had read some other reviews on Cruise Critic that their experience was nothing short of a nightmare. They apparently didn't get the help they needed from RC as promised. They missed their ship and spent a lot of extra money trying to board at their first port of call.

I know that some airports can be very difficult to negotiate, especially when not speaking the language and apparently nobody in Sao Paolo speaks English. I was hoping to find some consolation on here and some direction so that we do not mimic the experience these other less fortunate cruisers had on their vacation.

It's quite a lot of money to spend to NOT have a wonderful vacation due to language barriers. I was disappointed that nothing on the ship is in English. We took a 12 night Greek Island cruise and it was wonderful, no problems. I don't even remember what the primary language on board was so apparently it was a non issue.

Thanks to anyone who can help us out. We DID book everything through RC so that they had an interest in getting us from our plane to the ship, but I'm concerned that their people won't be where they say they'll be or we just won't be able to find them. Without speaking the language it can be difficult to get any assistance and then things can go downhill from there.

For those English speakers who have taken this cruise, please say something regarding the entertainment on board. Could you still enjoy what the ship had to offer?

Thanks for any help.

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