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jlj1212 01-14-2012 05:44 PM

liberty of seas questions
Hello all! going on a cruise on liberty of seas in less than a week ( we leave next sat!) never been on a Royal Caribbean ship, so looking for any tips what to do what not to do, etc, we have two shore excursions booked, in belize we are going on the kayak expedition then BACAB eco expedition park then in cozumel we are hiking to the mayan ruins, anyone have any experience on these shore excursions ???
we have a inside room floor 6, and 6 o clock dining, also anyone else going to be on this cruise my boyfriend and i are going to be there and looking for people close to our age to hang out with, last year we went on a carnival ship and the people we were with at dinner sucked hard core, all they talked about were their kids and child birth, not fun at all , so hoping the second time around is better!
any info is very welcome!

papaflamingo 01-14-2012 07:20 PM

You Don't say how old you are, but I assume on the young side. RCL caters to a wide variety of ages. Liberty is Freedom class. We got off Freedom last week and loved it. Lots to do. I must admit I am 60 but young at heart :) The crowd (it was a New Years cruise) was remarkably diverse in both age and nationality. Can't say much about early seating, we always do late seating. Early does seem to be more family's with kids. They also offer Any Time dining. If you don't like your table mates you may be able to switch. But all in all Carnival ships can't hold a candle to RCL. Liberty has so much to do. I suspect you'll have a great time. Ships are beautiful and RCL is a great cruise line. Bars include Boleros for a Latin theme, Schooner Bar has a piano man, there is an English Pub, Champaign Bar, and the Viking Crown Lounge for a beautiful view and relaxing drink. It usually also has a band, but more subdued. There is also a Disco. But Boleros for some Latin music and dancing seems like a happening place.
Have a great time.

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