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andyrachel 05-28-2012 12:12 PM

Liberty of the Seas
My wife an I are going on The Liberty of the Seas in July. We wanted to know what to expect from the amenities and services provided on the ship.

Dave 05-28-2012 12:27 PM

Have you been on a cruise before? If so it will be typical to any other mainstream cruise line.

If this is your first cruise, the Liberty Of The Seas is a great ship for that first experience.

Amenities depend on if you are in a full suite or regular cabin category. As a minimum you will have excellent service at the bars, dining areas, and in your cabin.

The shows are top notch and to be honest, even though I like the Oasis class ships, the Freedom class ships are probably my current overall favorites mostly because I've done more cruises on Liberty (3) than on any other Royal Caribbean ship.

Perhaps you can be more specific with your questions which will allow our great members to provide better answers.

And....welcome to Cruise Reviews!

Oslo 06-11-2012 12:09 AM

Liberty of the Seas Med Cruise
We just returned from a 7 night cruise in the Med.

Don't bother spending time signing up for shows online - the shows don't necessarily happen the night you sign up for them and no one checks reservations. Just show up and check your cruise compass every night. There was conflicting info on our cruise - and the crew didn't seem to be as informed as they have in the past. Got mixed info on some events.

Get your Orange Juice fix before you go - the OJ in the Windjammer is watered down - very surprised - and disappointed. Lots of chatter on the ship from guests about this. Maybe it's because they offer fresh squeezed OJ for $3.50. ?

There is shampoo/conditioner combo in your stateroom shower - and a hair dryer.

Have only been on 2 cruises prior to this one - but missed the chocolates on my pillow every night. Not a lot of chocolate on this cruise - but our waiter was very accomodating! He made sure to find a chocolate dessert of some kind any time I asked. :) Don't be afraid to ask for things. :D

Oslo 06-11-2012 05:21 AM

And...if you need anything during the day (if you stay on board) the shops are not open while in port.

When the Windjammer is closed you can eat at Sorrento's or the Cafe on the Royal Promenade - complimentary.

Enjoy your cruise!

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