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DSR 07-23-2012 07:29 AM

This is my first time in Bermuda - Everyone has always gave me great advice for the other Islands I have been to.... So now I need help with Bermuda:

1st day: The ship gets there at 3p.m. - What should I do for the evening?
2nd day: We are there all day - What should I do for the day?
3rd day: We leave at noon. - What should I do for the morning?

A. Should I buy a bus pass - right from the start?
B. What is the best beach?
C. Where is the best place for Sunrise and Sunset pictures?
D. Has anyone been to Sea Glass Beach? Would like to bring some home....

What else is there to do? I love the beach and taking pictures. I'm not a big bar person.

I'm one that needs to do something ever minute that we are in the Island - Don't want to miss a thing. "Will sleep a litte'

I'm sure I will have more questions!!!

Thanks everyone for your input...

Cruise Fanatic 07-23-2012 09:19 AM

Get a two or three day hop on/hop off bus pass at the visitors bureau near the port. Pick up brochures and island maps at the visitors bureau on activities that sound interesting to you and then just explore the whole island doing whatever interest you. The bus runs up and down the island so you can see several of the different beaches. Getting the island map at the visitors bureau will be your guide to help you know when to get off at what stops. The three major stops Kings Wharf, Hamilton, and St George, all having walking maps of the cities.

poormom 07-24-2012 05:52 PM

The timing is a little tricky...I would buy the bus pass definately. If you get in at 3, I'd hop on the ferry to Hamilton and explore.
I'd take the bus to horseshoe beach the next day. Remember to bring a change of clothes. They frown on you riding the bus in a wet suit. They have changing rooms with showers. Then I would hop back on the bus and ride all the way to St George and ride the Ferry back to King's wharf. You'll see the whole island and then get a different view of it frm the ferry...and don't worry, it's included in your bus pass price.
I'm a worry wart, so I would spend day 3 exploring King's wharf. There's a cute little beach called snorkel park right there. It's got odd hours, I think it doesn't open til 10, then they close at 5 and sometimes hey have a beach party at night.
Whateve you do, bring rain gear, because it's not unusual for showers to crop up.
Have a great time, it's a beautiful island.

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