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cousins 10-01-2012 03:51 PM

Dinner and Show Reservations Oasis
We are a group of 6 who made reservations (My Time Dining) for dinner and for the shows. Now we have 2 more people can we go about adding them to our dinner times if the computer show the time slot is no longer available? Also...for the shows should they just walk in with us since "reservations" aren't necessarily required? Do you think I should call RCCL and try to add them by phone?

papaflamingo 10-06-2012 04:05 AM

Don't know about dinner as we always use traditional dining. But since my time is by reservation or walk up, I don't see the problem. May want to call RCCL on that one. As for the shows, they open up seating about 15 min prior for those without tickets. Also there is no reserve seating, only show times. So tell your friends to go on line and try to get tickets that match your show times. If they are booked up, they should just go early and get in line. Most likely they will get in. Simply try and save a couple seats.

Cruise Fanatic 10-06-2012 06:09 AM

I would try calling the cruise line and tell them the situation. Have them cross reference your bookings.

cousins 10-09-2012 04:08 PM

I called and they said since tables are for 10 just have them show up with us for the nights they weren't able to put them with us. As for the shows some of them they were able to add the 2 additional people for the rest of the shows they said for them to go to guest relations desk when they board and request reservations to the shows we have. Apparently they release so many tickets online and the rest on the ship when you board.

Dave 10-09-2012 05:05 PM


Originally Posted by cousins (Post 295376)
Apparently they release so many tickets online and the rest on the ship when you board.

That is correct. Usually they hold back about 25% of the seats to assign on the ship.

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