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Never lift 01-09-2013 07:14 PM

San Juan port of call
This is the first time cruising.I am looking into a 7 day cruise and I like the idea of leaving from San Juan due to the warmer weather. I see RCL has 2 different cruises that leave there. Is one any better than the other . I see the ships are 2 different classes of ships. Pros and cons of leaving from San Juan would be great.


peter l 01-10-2013 05:20 AM

Hi Never Lift and welcome to the cruise chat..We have sailed out of San Juan 3 times and like it for a couple of reasons. We enjoy being there a couple of days ahead of our cruise to relax, get in vacation mode, and see some sights and take in a few of the tours available. If you are going to leave out of San Juan, its a good idea to get there a day ahead of time as we always due because of travel from the NE in the winter time can be a challange. We have sailed on the Adventure and Explorer and have enjoyed them both but not Brillance ( a bit some great islands. That way if you have been on one ship, you can go on another to get a chance to experience different islands. Either way, they are great ships and some nice choices. I'm sure you will get lots of input to help you


Jim1012 01-10-2013 10:28 AM

San Juan
We have never sailed FROM San Juan, but it was a port of call for one of our cruises.(Aside Note-when you leave the ship, THEN, we had to take our official Pass Ports, NOT just the Sea Pass card, to get back onto the ship-port authority, not ship rules). Most of our cruises have been on Voyager class ship (Mariner, Voyager, etc), and one has been on a Radience class ship just like Brilliance. We best described the ship as slightly more "elegant" in appearance (onboard) than the other class ship. No Royal Prominade (a big one I mean) but wth a smaller shopping venue. We really liked the class ship, and we will be doing 13 days on Brilliance this coming October for a repositioning cruise. San Juan was quite a nice port stop, but rather hilly for an old timer. Would have been a better departure port if you could get there for a day or so the slowly look around and spend time there.

poormom 01-10-2013 11:43 AM

I'd love to cruise from San Juan. My last cruise left from New Jersey...PR gets you to the warm much faster, also lets you get much further into the caribbean.
While it wouldn't bother me at all, you'll find that many of the passengers are from Puerto Rico and speak Spanish. Check your dates carefully, they sometime have groups celebrating quinceaneras, and can be mobbed with teenagers.
Cruises from San Juan usually leave port late at night, so you essentially have another full day on the island, but you can board the ship around mid day.The airfare to San Juan can also be quite pricey when added to the cruise cost.
Otherwise, it sounds like a great choice.
hope you will come back and let us know what you decided and which ship.

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