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Cruise Fanatic 01-18-2013 07:50 PM

Royal coupons going paperless
Beginning in March, Royal Caribbean will be turning the Crown & Anchor Ultimate Value coupon booklets into electronic format that will be loaded onto your SeaPass card. I'm not sure how they will let you know what coupons are loaded on your card. It possibly might be by a letter in your cabin.

poormom 01-19-2013 04:34 AM

Well that solves 2 problems. The books for sale on ebay are now worthless, and I never seem to have my coupon book with me when I'd like to use one!
I would think it would save a fortune on printing as well.

Cruise Fanatic 01-19-2013 06:51 AM

Yes, they are doing it for environmental reasons. Now they just have to cut out all the flyers they put in the cabin for spa, art auction, etc.

Dave 01-19-2013 07:42 AM

I hate the coupons that require you to go to guest relations to use, such as the ones for free internet minutes and internet plan discount that upper tier members get. You have to use them before your first online session. Last month I stood in line for 20 minutes. (Not sure why, but there was always a line - night and day - at guest relations on those two cruises).

So I wonder how the new method will work? You'd think when I swipe my card in the internet center it would automatically credit me with the e-coupon, but I'll probably still have to stand in line.

I suspect they will still require a certain amount of hassle to use these. Not that I am cynical, but I hope they prove me wrong.

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