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Jim1012 01-22-2013 10:17 AM

Concierge Lounge
I'm pretty sure I already know the answer to this, but I'm gonna ask anyhow. If we have concierge service, are we allowed to bring a friend into the lounge with us?

janfred 01-22-2013 11:21 AM

My understanding is that they have to be staying in your cabin and then they can go with you. I did that on Celebrity.

Dave 01-22-2013 03:23 PM


Are you talking about your being in a Grand Suite or higher level, and wanting to bring a friend into the lounge who is in a non-suite cabin? That is not allowed.

They have tightened up on this across the board. Example: If a person is a D+ member and in a standard cabin they get concierge access as a C&A perk but if they are traveling with a non-family member in the same cabin that person is not allowed in. Same goes for access to the Diamond Lounge. Cruise Fanatic had this happen last month I believe.

I think it used to be that whoever was in a cabin got the same level perks as the highest level person in the cabin, but now it stops at familial relationship. But in all cases, if they are in a different cabin they only get the perks they have personally earned. Which as I understand it means that my son gets Diamond Plus perks (concierge access) when we cruise this summer in one Junior Suite. But if he is in an adjacent cabin he will revert to Diamond member because that is all he has earned and he is 18. It is sort of a confused mess.

Dave 01-22-2013 04:03 PM

If you look at Adam's Q&A here, you will see a question starting at paragraph #4 that discusses part of this issue.

janfred 01-23-2013 02:45 AM

Dave, now I am confused. This past Aug I sallied on Celebrity with a girlfriend who never sailed on Celebrity or RCCL and she was able to to join me every night in the Captains Lounge and the private breakfast area because I was Elite. Yesterday I was thinking of booking Royal (never sailed on Royal) but I am a Diamond member. I called to make sure my friend could join me for cocktails and also the private breakfast area and was told yes, as long as she is staying in my cabin. Now I am thinking I should book Celebrity if I travel with a friend and not my I correct ?? I wouldn't want to go on RCCL with a friend and not be able to use my perks...I'm I understanding this correctly?

Cruise Fanatic 01-23-2013 05:31 AM

In December I traveled with a friend on the Jewel of the Seas and she was denied entry into the Diamond lounge with me. The same friend traveled with me in December 2010 on the Monarch of the Seas and we had no problem enjoying the Diamond lounge. My experience is most of the time no one even checks your Set Sail pass. However; this December the Crown & Anchor host was standing right at the door. I believe it was because the Diamond lounge was so packed due to the December Diamond Celebration where everyone Diamond level and up gets double cruise points. I must say I was shocked and embarrassed when the host turned my friend away. When I told him she was in the same cabin with me he said it didn't matter. When I asked when they changed the policy he said it's always been that way. Then when I said my friend had come into the lounge with me on prior cruises he sort of back pedaled and said it was because of the December Diamond Celebration. Royal Caribbean need to make their policy clearer on use of the Diamond and Concierge lounges. I feel someone traveling in the same cabin should be allowed as long as they are with you.

Jim1012 01-23-2013 06:05 AM

I thought the answer would be no, and I was right. These friends will be in another cabin and we're traveling together. Dave, yes, because we're in a GS this time. Not high enough to be D+ yet. I had forgotten that when we were on Liberty we had the Royal Family and everyone IN the cabin got to go. Oh well, their loss. Thanks guys

Dave 01-23-2013 06:38 AM

Same story here from my sailings on Liberty OTS in December. They had someone at the entrance to the Diamond evening cocktail reception checking seapass cards. If they didn't have Diamond or higher level printed on them the person was not allowed. As in Cruise Fantatic's case we had several hundred Diamonds aboard and crowding was a problem. Like me, many booked to get double points in December.

Crowding is becoming a problem on many cruises as more and more people obtain Diamond and Diamond Plus status. I predict that once they have installed dedicated Diamond lounges on all ships they will restrict the Concierge Lounge to only those in eligible suites and Pinnacle members, and Diamond Plus will have to use the Diamond Lounge. The whole thing is a jumbled mess. On Liberty Of The Seas you can access the Diamond Lounge from the back by just walking up a set of steps and walking right on to the little patio, and then through the sliding door. No key card reader involved. There is a swing gate saying Diamond only, but it isn't locked down.

When the concierge or diamond host is in the lounge, as soon as someone key cards in at the door their cabin info and security photo pop up on the host's computer screen. They know who is supposed to be allowed entry and I think this feature is to keep people from using someone else's card. On Enchantment last summer the concierge greeted me by name the first time I entered the lounge. I wondered how he knew me.

Jim1012 01-23-2013 10:14 AM

Yes, Dave; his name was mario or something like that, and I too was impressed on how he knew our names the first day. My daughter didn't bring enough diapers for the whole week, and HE went on shore in San Juan and bought a box of them for her with his own money(we of course paid him back). I was just looking for his card but must have lost it over the years. At least now I know how he did it

Midwest Cruiser 01-25-2013 06:33 AM

On the Indy in December, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle members were up in the Diamond Lounge and Olive or Twist and the Diamond members were in Pharaoh’s Palace. There was a group of crew that would check your card every time you walked into the lounge. It became a bit annoying when you would leave and come back five minutes later and they would check you again.

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